Where did you come from?

Gracious! This one could be too big for me if I dug to the roots of it.

Actually, my first knee-jerk reaction is to remember that book I read when I was 8 called “Where Did I Come From?” Remember that cute little sperm all dressed up in a tuxedo and top hat, with a red rose, going to look for the egg? Wherever I did come from, it was a place that created my sense of fun and humour.

I think of the Pacific Northwest (US) as my home.

I also came from my parents, who are remarkable in many many ways and shared their gifts with me through the miracle of reproductive biology.

I also come from my community: the people who surround me (strangers too!), my family, the mountains, rivers, the air, animals, my failures, my successes…ALL that is where I came from. So that, there is no way to be like me except to have been me. (I guess that means I can never be like you, which makes me like you for being so interesting)

I look forward to finishing this life eventually and becoming nice, healthy, worm food so I can properly contribute to the circle of life in which I am borrowing resources for my brief stint here.

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