At the famous Torii of Miyajima, Japan

I began keeping a blog because I am a writer, and the blog is a way for me to write. I should be writing in one of my two books in progress, but I often do not because the thought of those big projects is so intimidating. So you’ll find (if you choose to read it) that I have not designed a blog for easy public consumption. I have not followed the rules: I have no niche. I don’t make my paragraphs tiny for people with short attention spans. I don’t stick with catchy titles.

Here is my online journal. Stuff I think about. Photos of places I visit. Soapboxes I climb upon. Rants. Silliness. A lot of soul searching. You are welcome to read it because I have nothing to hide. Maybe my blundering through life and my delight at simple things will make you smile.

This is me, somewhere in the Trinity Alps of northern California

Sometimes I get lucky enough to travel – local road trips or overseas. My posts during those times are primarily cataloging the stuff I do while traveling, and the thoughts that inevitably surface while I’m in a new environment.

Once upon a time I lived at Gaia. And before that, I lived at Zaadz. It was a themed blog host; the theme being sort of granola-y, tree-huggin’, love yer neighbor type of place. …and then Gaia died on March 31st, 2010. I had time to copy all my old posts back to 2007, and find a new home here at Word Press. If you stumble across any very old posts, the references and comments may not make sense. I posted my old posts, one by one, and manipulated the dates as though I posted it here at Word Press on the proper date. (But now you know my secret!)