Incomparable views along the river
Incomparable views along the Clackamas river
Sunset on the mountains.  We climbed Old Snowy, the peak on the left.
Sunset on the mountains. We climbed Old Snowy, the peak on the left.
One of many stunning views along Arizona Highway 88 – the Apache Trail

In March 2011 I purchased my very first nice camera and upgraded from a point-and-shoot.  Prior to that I used either my P&S or borrowed a friend’s DSLR. With a quality camera – combined with an artist’s eye – I sometimes capture awesomeness.

Following are a few flickr links if you’re interested. I’ll change them periodically, but feel free to explore on your own.

Small temple in the Philae Temple complex, Aswan, Egypt
August 2009 from my back yard
reflected graffiti in an abandoned building near OMSI in Portland. Several years later, the whole place was covered in graffiti, as you can see in this blog post: Today, most of this building is gone and it’s a parking lot, but some walls were retained, and the murals that grace them now are exceptional.
Multnomah Lodge, photographed by my mother, Kelly Stippich

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    And you really should consider writing a book.

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