Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

At Disneyland, in a section called Galaxy’s Edge.
Enter here.

I am so excited to showcase this next section of Disneyland. It’s all brand new construction and it was the first time I had been to the park since this new section opened.

There are distinct sections of the parks, each with their own names, and from inside those sections, the landscape has been developed so that you cannot see other sections of the park very well. You can stand in a spot and turn 360 degrees, and nearly all of what you see fits the theme. Then you pass through a tunnel, or follow a river around a bend, and viola! All around you is now an entirely new theme. For me, this adds to the magic. The newest section of the park is Star Wars themed, and it’s called Galaxy’s Edge. This part is as big as a small town and is so incredible it will get its own post. I truly was in another world there.

I like that your eyes are pulled to the massive spacecraft on a landing platform ahead of you.
Up close, the spacecraft forms a part of your horizon and definitely helps to make it feel like a city where random spacecraft would land.

Galaxy’s Edge is apparently on the planet Batuu, and is a chance to walk around the Black Spire Outpost. It opened in 2019 but naturally, many of us stopped traveling about that time, and so right now there are lots of people like me who were soooooper excited to go there. So yeah, it’s crowded. But the amount of people did not dampen my awe. Also, if you’ve seen the movies, some of those trading towns are pretty dang crowded. So it’s legit. haha

As with anything Disney, the quality is top notch and the attention to detail is mind blowing. I was in awe of this place. I spent time there, happily wandering and taking photos, with no plans for anything else. I could easily spend all four days of my Disney vacation right in these streets. Yes, I am that much of a nerd.

A panoramic view to help you get a sense of how much like a town it actually is.
The theme is convincingly desert-like, making me feel like I was in a real city with real landscape, though it’s 100% make believe.
The design elements seem often to be merely for effect, for atmosphere, and nothing else. I suppose this thing holds lights at night, but wow – what a light!
Slow down and look closer, and you see there is a story built in. The town has seen battle. The back wall here has partially fallen. Everything is old, rusted, somewhat neglected but not terribly so. The effects of the desert weather can be seen.
The details are wonderful: faded paint, chips in the base of the wall, where things would have crashed into it over the years, rust stains, projectile holes from someone shooting at something and hitting the wall, the haphazard wires strung up there probably by a guy who knew a guy…
Here’s that same staircase above, only with a different perspective, so you can see where it sits in the street. Those rock spires are eye-catching.
A little snack shop tucked away at the base of a few of those rocks.
That same shop on a different day.
The rocks are a consistent and intentional part of the park. When you spot one in the distance like this, it helps you maintain a sense of how huge Black Spire Outpost is.
I zoomed in on this spot because it’s so dang pretty. Except for the missile hole in the wall…but other than that…
Just gorgeous. And fake. Fakitty fake fake. But I simply don’t care and I’m ready to believe. Look at the textiles hanging over the doorway, and how the buildings appear to be built up against the rock for stability.
And here is more of the story: Those are not merely rocks, but the remains of a petrified forest of immense trees! This piece of landscaping has no sign, no explanation, and just rests as it “fell” beside a path. Only the careful observer can figure out what it’s telling you – even better if you are related to a geologist, like I am! Frigging amazing.
I thought this was a nice touch with the sunlight through holes. Can you read it? I cannot.
Here’s another one.
I find this architectural design magnificent.
I must have been hurrying here, because the photo is not well framed. But it’s still pretty cool.
This is inside Oga’s Cantina, a bar/restaurant.
Inside the shopping area. Each doorway is a different shop.
It’s even more beautiful at night.
Inside the shops, the theme continues.
I’m not positive which things are for sale.
Random traders goods stacked outside Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Check out that doorway!!
This is what it looks like to walk through the doorway.

Inside the round doorway, you enter Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. It is marvelous. Marvelous! I took a couple of videos to help you get a sense. Sorry for all the noise. It was packed.

I moved through the shop way too fast, sorry about that.
Dok-Ondar is from the planet Ithor and he collects antiquities.
I especially got a kick out of these mounted heads on the wall. Is that a Tauntaun at the top right? I thought they were bigger.
A group of droids waits behind a fence on the right.
Another view of the droids.
A quiet sheltered area to have something to eat.

I hope you found some delight in these views. I was not expecting Galaxy’s Edge to be so incredible and even now, a week later, looking at these photos, I’m impressed at what Disney has created. I suppose in a few years I’ll head on back there and take another look.

Here’s one last video for fun. While I was looking for a bathroom, I spotted this glass container on a wall that had some bubbles coming up. A small child was eagerly watching it, and said “There’s something in there!” The kid was right. Up popped a dianoga. You may remember one of these from the garbage compactor in Star Wars: A New Hope, when Luke, Laura, Han, and Chewbacca all got trapped in it.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  1. Great pictures. I went to Disney World in Florida in the 1990s but doubt that I would go again. My favourite was EPCOT and World Showcase. If you go to France don’t bother with EuroDisney.

    1. Thank you, Andrew! I’ll take your tip on Euro Disney to heart. I have also been told that Disney Tokyo is also less than great. I have wanted to see EPCOT all my life and I guess I’ll make it there someday. Florida is a more involved trip, but eventually I will get over there.

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