Cats of Italy

Dahling, you look mahvelous.

I love cats. All colours, sizes, temperaments. I once did a post called Cats of Jordan, because when I returned home I realized I had many photos of cats. It happened to me again on my most recent trip. In multiple cities in Italy, the cats caught my attention.

This feline found a shady spot to rest in Ostia Antica.
The ruins of Ostia Antica are adorned with this stately black and white cat.
This Racecar look-a-like is suspiciously eyeing Manja’s bestia (her dog).

Some places have stray dogs lying all over the place when you explore. I remember the dogs of Egypt. Some places have stray cats everywhere.

This cat looks a little too fluffy to be a stray. I could definitely say the same thing about my Racecar.
Yes, this one has also spotted the bestia. This cat, the one above it, and the cat diva at the top are all from Pitigliano. I also just noticed that all three are on brick pavement. It makes sense, since Pitigliano is a dense city on top of a rock foundation.

On our third day in Italy we went to Santa Fiora, another gorgeous Tuscany town on top of a rocky outcropping. We climbed up there and found more cats.

Is she sticking her tongue out at us? She may be taunting the bestia, who can’t get any closer because she is behind a gate.
The absolute perfect Halloween cat.
I felt like we had captured this one in a private, thoughtful moment. Maybe he was really just watching birds.

I don’t have photos of cats for the next few days, but then, in a famous bookstore in Venice, I found them again. A bookstore cat always brings me a smile.

This cat says, “When you find your book, could you spare one of those hands to scratch my chin?”
Outside Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice.

In our very last hours in Italy, a final cat came into view. This one was running a hustle. He came up to us gently, and sweetly asked for some love. The more we gave, the more bold it became, asking for more attention. The ruse became clear when the seafood arrived at our tables. The cat became impolite and meowed and aggressively tried to get at the food. I shook my head at myself, knowing it was my own fault for letting the silly cat trick me.

“I’m such a sweet and soft cat. I honestly have no idea this is a seafood restaurant.”
Give me shrimp!

I wonder how many other kinds of animals hang around tourist spots and beg. Seagulls beg for food. And sadly, I recall deer begging also. Are there any monkeys that do this? Burros? I’ll keep traveling and find out.

10 thoughts on “Cats of Italy

  1. Yessss, lovely. You’ve got eyes for cats, like I have them for dogs. And doors. 🙂 But I remember several of these too. Some are clearly in worry of bestia but as you could see, he leaves them alone.

  2. I’ve been a cat person since I was a kid, but back then it was hard because I had asthma (well, technically I still do) and there was a period of time when my parents didn’t allow any cats in our house fearing that the fur would further agitate my asthma. Like you, whenever I travel I’m also drawn to cats. A friend even said to me that I have a cat radar because I can always spot a cat even when most people can’t. That cat outside Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice looks so cute!

    1. Cat radar!! That’s great. Growing up I knew kids who couldn’t have cats because of allergies, which like asthma, keeps cats out of the house. I feel fortunate. Well, your cat radar drew you here, and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I didn’t get a good look at the cat outside the Libreria Acqua Alta because the baby stayed there a while, petting it. 🙂

    1. Oh really? I have never seen starlings beg! They come in clouds and settle on lawns here in Portland, so I can imagine if they set their sights on a human with a sandwich, that could get troublesome.

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