Cats of Jordan

One of the cats that had been adopted. You can tell because this one looks healthy.

There were so many cats in Jordan that I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them. Before I returned home I was planning a blog post of just cats. Here it is. You’re welcome.

Most of these are strays, living off who knows what. They congregate in tourist areas and I assume it’s because the odds of food getting dropped or handed out increases in those areas. There are dogs, too. But so many cats.

The very first morning when I woke up in Amman and looked out the window I saw two of my favourite things: a minaret and a cat.

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This was the greeter kitten at a hostel called No Mads Inn, at Petra. I thought the name was funny because one of my best friends is called Mads. This cat was napping in the lobby of the hostel, but when I came over, he hopped right up and came to say hello.
This cat struck a majestic pose on a rock on the way to the Monastery in Petra. We admired him while we took a break from climbing.
Our very first moments in Wadi Rum were interrupted by yeowls from these two. The male clearly asserting his dominance.
In Wadi Rum when we rested in a comfortable tent, had some tea, and shopped for frankincense, we spotted this girl who knew the value of an afternoon nap.
Our last few moments in Wadi Rum were also spent with a cat, who had discovered bits left on a plate on the table next to us.
We waited for the bus to take us to the place of Jesus’ baptism, we contemplated buying ice cream to help with the waiting, and I noticed the extraordinary markings on this cat.

I’m a sucker for cats, but Margaret is not as much of a fan as me. I kept teasing her by saying, “Remember how you said I could bring this cat into our room with us tonight?” “Oh no, no, no,” she’d counter, “I did not say that!” ha ha

Well, Racecar was glad to see me get home. She wasn’t jealous of all those other cats because she knows that she is my queen of cats. I made the correct choice and rejected all those other cats and came home to the right one.

My Racecar kitty keeps forgiving me for leaving her, as long as I come back and shower her in love.

33 thoughts on “Cats of Jordan

    1. The video is funny. Is this who you were referring to? I think Marmalade is a perfect name for an orange cat, and orange cats in general. This kitten is particularly silly. I wish Racecar wasn’t such a prima donna and would allow other cats into her house. But the good thing is that with her around, I’ll never have more than one cat and thus will never be a Crazy Cat Lady. (Maybe a Crazy Chicken Lady though)

  1. The greeter kitten was quite pretty.
    (I too have an old friend called Mads. From Senior High, can you imagine? He’s Swedish, how come “your” Mads has a Swedish name?)

    1. Ha ha!! I’ll tell him he’s got a Swedish name. 🙂 My friend is Sri Lankan, and his name is Madhawa – Mads for short. Yes, the greeter kitten was my favourite cat of the bunch. Other than Racecar, of course.

      1. I’d seen your other post before, but listened to the “michael row the boat ashore” song on youtube later, as I was researching on Pete Seeger. (refreshing my memory really)

  2. A lovely collection of cats,Crystal. I have the same passion that you do for photographing the stray cats and dogs when I travel overseas. One of my favorite blogs I follow is Animal Couriers that transports pets throughout Europe. I am amazed by the number of people who adopt strays on their journeys and then jump through all the hoops and expense of transporting them back to their homes. –Curt

    1. Wow, I’ve never heard of that and Wow, I can’t imagine going to the trouble. I got close once: a super sweet flea-infested dog on the Trinity River adopted me when I climbed off an innertube onto the beach. But I decided that a Humboldt-to-Portland move was too much. I can’t imagine bringing a pet back that needs customs and quarantine and a flight. People are really amazing sometimes.

  3. I also tend to notice the cats when I travel, Crystal. There are a lot of strays in the UAE, and our little Midnight was adopted after we had to put our first one down after a long illness. After two years of her being alone, we thought it would help her not being so lonely, if we adopt another one, especially during those two weeks we often spend away from home. Our house is now in turmoil with Lily trying to stake a spot for herself, and Midnight feeling threatened in the process. They do have their moments of sleeping peacefully in the same room, or racing around and playing, but unfortunately there are also so hissy fits that come at the most unexpected of times. Clearly Racecar was very clear that your house should be a one cat ‘slave’hold. 😉

    1. I remember more cats than dogs in Turkey, as well, and there were a lot of cats (and dogs) in Egypt. Of course there are stray animals everywhere, but for some reason these desert tourist spots filled with cats catch my attention. I’m glad I’m not the only one! You and Curt also mention it. I KNOW exactly the turmoil you are describing at your home, because as you guessed, Racecar has no tolerance for any other cat in the world – ever. On multiple occasions during her 13-year life, we have needed to bring other cats into the house, and the result is nightly catfights and torn ears and sometimes visits to the vet. One time it was for a year, and one time for 5 months – on both occasions the fighting got worse rather than better over time. I have learned my lesson. Racecar is indeed the sole cat master of her slave hold. 🙂 I honestly hope yours will find a way to work it out, as many cats do apparently.

      1. Wow! Racecar sounds very territorial. I hope our two girls will learn to love one another – at least they manage to live in peace most of the time, but only time will tell what the outcome will be.

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