Characters from the World of Fae

A magnificent ocean-dweller, on land for a time.

Yesterday I showed scenes of Faerieworlds 2019 so that I could try to bring you with me. Now that you have a sense of the setting, let me introduce you to some of the citizens. If you want to see all of my photos and get a real sense of it all, please visit my Flickr page.

The festival is three days long and I have never attended more than one day. Most people camp on site, and live fully in the realm. Friday used to be a work day for me, and Sunday used to be a half day, so Saturday was always my top choice. This year when I do not have work on Friday and Sunday was a full festival day, I found that I was still only able to make it on Saturday. The fae folk often have new outfits on each day, so imagine how much more there is to see if one is there three days in a row.

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In the following photos, you’ll see Toby Froud. He is fantasy royalty, and one of my favourite celebrities. I’ve spoken with him a little in previous years, even included his photo once before. Toby is the son of Brian and Wendy Froud, of whom I am also a huge fan. Brian Froud’s faery art is what made me realize I am in love with faeries. Wendy Froud’s puppets in the movie The Dark Crystal are something I’ll never forget. I spotted him this year when he paused to talk to some folks outside the beer garden, where I was sitting with a pint and chatting with a wizard. I gasped, “Is that Toby Froud?” The wizard turned to look and then confirmed for me, “Yes, it is.” It did occur to me that I was in my element when not only did I not have to explain who Toby Froud was, but the total stranger sitting next to me also recognized Toby Froud on sight. Nerds of the world, Unite!

I had seen something in an article about Toby living in Portland, and when I left the beer garden to go talk to him, I asked him when he lived there. “I’m still there!” he said. “I’ve lived in Portland for ten years!” I am astonished. He’s been here all along, and now I am even more delighted. He said he moved here from England for work, and listed off some of the places he has lent his talents (including Laika), where he worked on the movie the Box Trolls and the TV series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and then talked up his next project. If I was a better fan, I would remember what it was. Instead, I was proud of myself just for not passing out.

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I am happy to have finally been forced to figure out how to use the Word Press gallery option. It’s a good way to smash entirely too many photos into a single post.

9 thoughts on “Characters from the World of Fae

  1. All just waiting for your in spired camera. I have one of Brian Froud’s books. The pom pom lady reminds me of the best Christmas sweater I have ever seen. A young man had pinned Baby bio cheeses to his jumper. He was going as Baby Cheeses

    1. Oh my goodness, Derrick, that is the funniest funniest costume story. I thank you for not explaining, because it was a great laugh once I got the joke! ha ha!!

      I have a couple of books from Brian Froud. My first was The Pressed Fairy Book, and that is morbid and delightful. It’s my favourite fairy book of all time. I also have his autograph in one, and he did a super quick sketch too. So I have original Brian Froud art!! So fun.

      Toby Froud is probably the kindest famous person I’ve ever met. He immediately made me feel like he wanted to stand there and answer my questions. Every time I’ve talked with him at Faerieworlds, he has been generous and gracious with his time, and accommodating of photos. What a great human being. It must be hard to keep such a good attitude when bombarded with fans all day long.

    1. That’s how I imagine it there, and from your photos. There might be more faery/faun/elf/sprite themed costumes here at Faerieworlds, but maybe not. I think you guys would feel right at home at my fairy festival. 😉

      1. “My fairy festival.” Cute, Crystal. A bit of ownership. 🙂 BTW, I took my nephew and his sweetie up to Crater Lake last week and they loved it. There were great thunderheads around to enhance the views and make for great photos. –Curt

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