Scenes from the World of Fae

This post is out of order. I have wonderful stories to tell you about what happened before Faerieworlds 2019. But I do know that faeries, sprites, goblins, pirates, mermaids and all sorts of folk will be combing the Internet looking for photos of themselves this week. For their sake, I’m posting now, though today’s post […]

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Tradition of Faeries

Tara and I went to Eugene, Oregon over the weekend to find the realm of faeries. We have attended since 2007 and it remains a premier summer event for us. We actually have a section of the garage where our “faery gear” is stored. Wings, masks, scarves, bags, leather cords, feathers, antennae, and all manner […]

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A world of faeries

{Many thanks to Roger Rix and the use of his photos. } Last year’s Faerieworlds blog. I took the last day of July off from work and drove south to see my girlie! She has been in northern Cali with her daddy since June 12th. I miss her so much!! Her dad was good enough […]

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