Scenes from the World of Fae

I can never have too many sparkly things.

This post is out of order. I have wonderful stories to tell you about what happened before Faerieworlds 2019. But I do know that faeries, sprites, goblins, pirates, mermaids and all sorts of folk will be combing the Internet looking for photos of themselves this week. For their sake, I’m posting now, though today’s post will be scenes and not characters. (Hey faeries! Go look at my flickr page too!)

I have been attending Faerieworlds since 2007 when it was in Veneta, Oregon. Then it moved to Mt. Pisgah in Eugene. Now it’s up north here in Hillsboro, which is conveniently close. It’s a three-day musical festival with a faery theme. All manner of magical creatures show up, including goblins and elves, dragons, unicorns, and the Green Man, and things that have no name, like a man made of rocks. The best thing about Faerieworlds is the atmosphere, which welcomes everyone, and that means everyone. So if you are in a costume that does not fit the theme, you are appreciated just as much. With that in mind, I pulled out my Renaissance Faire dress that my mother made for me, added green and blue gauzy wings and a flower crown. And lots of sparkly things. Because this faery loves sparkly things.

The setting is in this forest, beside this lake.
There was a pirate ship in the forest, but not on the lake!
Vendors set up tents that fit the theme and are lovely to see and to walk through.
Here Herb Leonhard holds court in his artistic realm.
A copper merchant sells a vessel to a crow.
“Take me home”
Fairy lamps
Tents are arranged into little villages of commerce.
Visitors can browse the tents or spread their wings.
Activities for kids included gigantic bubbles to play with.
Here a red fairy organizes resistance while the Big Dark Fairy Catcher tries to catch little faeries. And Spider-Man.
Even big faeries find time to play.
Who knows what these characters find to joke about together?
Magical beings take some rest and nourishment.
A stage at the bottom of the hill hosts performers all day and into the night.
This is my average level of happiness when I’m in The Realm.

I wanted this first post to give you a sense of what it is like to be there. I will dedicate tomorrow’s post to portraits of characters, and they are simply wonderful.

10 thoughts on “Scenes from the World of Fae

    1. Thanks! It’s my first time with those wings. They are Tara’s. Does it say something about a home when we’ve got a collection of wings to choose from each year? I’ll bet you and Peggy have a collection somewhere of things you can wear at Burning Man.

      1. Those wings are among my favorites at Burning Man, Crystal. Grace and beauty. Then there was the young woman who wore nothing else. 🙂 And yes, Peggy and I have a box of Burning Man wear. –Curt

  1. This is amazing. I’d feel right at home there. I’d pack my familiar and tell him to behave. And then I’d just feast my eyes and soul. ❤ I had a look at your photos on flickr, from 2017 as well. Great stuff! Glad to see some of my favourites repeat here, such as Take me home and Fairy lamps. And you look just divine!

    1. Awww, thank you for the compliment and for being interested enough to look at 2017 photos too. The costumes rarely repeat, so it is exciting every new year to see what people come up with. I am pleased to hear that you also have a familiar, and would bring it along. ❤ It did not occur to me until now, when looking again at all my photos, that I would love to own one of those Fairy Lamps!! I remember gazing at them and loving them so much – but not even thinking about the fact that they were probably for sale. Well!! I will keep that in mind for next year.

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