Providence doors

Entrance to Providence City Hall. What a beautiful way to see “please use a different entrance.”

This one will be real quick since I’ve got other stuff to do today.

My blogger friend Manja posts a lot of doors, and while I was in Providence I kept thinking of her while I noticed doors. I took photos of a few. This selection is not comprehensive of what’s in Providence, Rhode Island, nor is it a complete collection in any sense. Just a few doors that I thought were pretty, and remembered to take a photo.

All Saints’ Memorial Church
Entrance to the Rhode Island State House.
The magnificent doors of St. Stephens Church.

15 thoughts on “Providence doors

  1. Ahhh!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm so glad that you were thinking of me and got such beauties and posted them too, just a day early for Thursday Doors. 😉 If you wish that more people see your beautiful doors, link to Norm who manages this challenge. He collects door links all weekend, starting tomorrow. If not, I'll link to you in my tomorrow's post. Thank you from my heart, also for linking to me! The first is just glorious and the favourite, the second striking as well, while #3 and #4 resemble Italian doors, grand and magnificent.

    1. I’m reluctant to link to Norm’s project because then I’ll be invited to do more door posts, right? I have commitment issues, ha ha.

      The St. Stephens door was the first to make me think of you. I knew at that moment I’d be doing a door post. Did you look at the magnified version of that first door? The metal gate is just gorgeous.

      1. I had a look now, it’s just splendid. Norm’s link-up is fully week-to-week, every week you choose to do it or you don’t, absolutely no pressure, can be also a single occasion. I will mention you in my post in either case.

  2. You found some excellent ones here, very much worth sharing. So yes, as Manja said, please do swing by my post tomorrow and add yours to our link-up list.

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