What God does on Sundays

We were all chatting before my girlie and I left for church this morning. We recently discovered cousins that live in Gresham, which is nearby. Their church is about 7 minutes from our house and we were invited to go with them this morning.

My man was too sick to go. In between coughing fits he was giving us his take on God.

“Look, what if God just wants to be left alone on Sunday so he can catch the game? He’s got a voice recorder going to catch all the prayers, and he listens to them after the game. He’s just sitting there, going ‘I never asked you guys for Sunday, specifically!’ God’s all kicked back on the sofa…one of the junior angels brings Him an iced tea. He just wants a little peace, a little football… His wife is nagging: ‘It’s such a beautiful day. We should go for a walk.'”

Girlie and I are rolling, practically blowing scrambled eggs through our noses.

He continues: “I watched that movie the other day, Prince of Egypt, and I was thinking ‘What kind of god is that? Sending plagues, frogs falling from the sky, blood in the river – what the heck is that? That’s seriously bad stuff.’ My god is super nice and He loves me.  My god has my picture up on His refrigerator!”

I am an atheist, but my guy is not. And my daughter is also a believer. It’s a refreshing perspective on faith for me – a woman always on her guard in the presence of believers. I like to know that he finds that kind of joy in his god, and that he thinks of his greater power in such an affectionate way.

Maybe fear of plagues and eternal damnation drives some people to the Lord, but I guess some people obviously are just in it for the unconditional love. :o)

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