Life in the city…

…still catches my attention.

Coming home from seeing Dark Knight (wow, surprisingly good movie. Since when do superhero movies have convincing comedy?), we pulled up at a stop light.

On our left were two cars with competing stereo systems. boom boom boom. That always amuses me. You know? Especially two young guys showing each other how awesome they are via their mobile stereos and song choice. So I tune in to the scene.

Right on our left was a wiry white guy with buzzed blonde hair cranking Eminem. I am certain that if he were standing up, his pants would be sagging off his butt. He had a James Brown bobblehead on his dashboard. James Brown? He was eyeing his competitor.

On the far left in the turn lane was a short, stocky, dark-skinned Mexican in shades. All leaned back and sideways, one arm “lazily” dropped across the steering wheel. Cool as can be, blasting Amadeus from Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Ok. So I’m not one to promote stereotypes, but the pervasive stereotypes which live in my mind are the reason I found the whole thing damn funny. Nothing matched up right and I wanted to yell, “Hey, you guys are both doing it wrong!”

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