Glimpse of Bridges

The Yaquina Bay Bridge, designed by Conde McCullough and built in 1934.

I nearly forgot to tell you about the bridges. The Oregon coast has some great bridges. With their art deco style and soaring arches, they seem to match each other, and I think that’s why people always notice them when they travel through.

In this post I only offer you a glimpse of these bridges because I was busy taking photos of other things. Travelers are often inspired to collect the Oregon bridges in photos and make truly remarkable collections. I encourage you to look up someone else’s collection if you’re interested in seeing more.

The Yaquina Bay Bridge, just south of Newport, Oregon.
I took this shot because it shows my Jeep, the Dragon Wagon, parked beside the bridge.
I can’t get enough of those concrete art deco towers. Several of the Oregon bridges have these columns, each unique to its own bridge.

Nearly all of the bridges along this stretch of Highway 101 were designed by Conde McCullough. McCullough spent his entire career building bridges in Oregon, and we are grateful. How often do you hear about someone who is a famous bridge-builder? Well that’s what kind of an impact this guy had around here.

I cannot find who designed this bridge over Cook’s Chasm, but it’s a new one built in 2003 to replace the 1931 original.
I couldn’t get a good shot of this one from the top, but that’s ok because it’s amazing from the bottom too. This is the Cape Creek Bridge, opened in 1932.
We spotted this one as the sun was setting. This is now called the Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge, but when he designed it, it was called the North Bend Bridge.
With such a huge span lengthwise and height wise, McCullough couldn’t use the concrete columns here.

And that’s all. I just wanted to show you one more very cool thing about my state. The following 6-minute video is produced by the Oregon Department of Transportation, and provides some more history and some aerial photos of McCullough’s Oregon bridges.

4 thoughts on “Glimpse of Bridges

    1. They are so wonderful. It’s hard to explain. When you drive north or south along the highway, and you cross these amazing and beautiful bridges, one after another, the style just gets to you. When I mention the bridges to people around here, everyone knows right away which bridges I mean. It’s very cool.

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