Fall Finery

Highway 14 in the Columbia Gorge of southern Washington state.

I went out to see my fishermen friends along the river last week, and the Autumn colours were outstanding. This post is just so I can show you the lovely photos.

I met my friends at the Klickitat River at about 6:30am. It was dark and climbing down to the water’s edge was an adrenalin rush! I could hear the water roaring, and I could see a lighter grey streak where the water was, but we relied on headlamps to see the trail. As the sun came up, buyers showed up at the top of the hill and I climbed up there to help them with their purchase. Since I am not Yakama tribe, I am not allowed to fish, and I can only be on the rocky shore by invitation. When I got up to the top, I noticed the magnificent Fall colours, and grabbed my camera from my Jeep that was parked up there.

The narrow Klickitat River where salmon are jumping like crazy right now. You can see the trail on the right, that leads down the steep slope to the narrow river.
One of the many platforms built along the river’s edge for fishermen and women to stand on while they are dip netting.
The person fishing asked me not to use their photo, so I have obscured the person. This picture will help you see how the fishing is done. Note the very long pole, with a hoop and a net at one end. The fishermen will push the hoop out into the water, then pull it back to shore, hoping to net a fish. Look above the whitewater and you will see a salmon jumping.
Fish buyers at the top of the hill have pulled up salmon along a line rigged from this platform down to the water.
A new group of salmon being hauled to the top.
Oaks above the Klickitat River dressed in copper and gold for the season.
A lovely road through the trees.

After the morning’s fishing was done, I said goodbye to everyone and tried to leave. But the views outside of Lyle, Washington, along Highway 14 were gorgeous. I had to pull over and take photos.

This is near one of my favourite networks of hiking trails, at Coyote Wall.
Twice the colour when there are reflections.
This black and grey bird is for once part of an explosion of colours. It looks like a Scaup, but with a black back I suppose it is not. Possibly a hybrid duck.
Looking across Rowland Lake to a white pickup, where a man emerged with a fishing pole.
Reflections of rocks and foliage.
Such colour. It was breathtaking.

9 thoughts on “Fall Finery

  1. These are spac-tac-ular! You know that the first one is my favourite and I really really love also the one with the fish. ❤ Finery it is! No snow bombed yet, has it? And no floods, I hope.

    1. Yes, I know which one is your favourite. It might be mine, too. I’m not sure why seeing the road in the shot somehow makes it a great shot. I have taken a photo from that spot before. Something about it… No snow bombs here, ha ha. I don’t have regular TV, so I haven’t heard about any snow in the Pacific Northwest. The mountains are white again though, so that’s a good thing. We always wish for snow in the mountains. It has been very warm here in Rainier, not even dropping below 12 C at night, so just rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Every single day it rains. Never stopping. *sigh* But… that’s what the weather is here in the winter, so no surprise. Luckily the rain is nice and steady, so the sopping wet soil has a chance to absorb it, and we have no flooding either. I checked the National Weather Service maps and it looks like there are floods up around Seattle. Thanks for worrying. ❤

    1. I’m glad my regular routine takes me to Lyle. The landscape out there is truly stunning. It always makes up for the very long drive. In fact, driving through the Columbia Gorge is usually amazing any time of year. What a beautiful land we live in. I wish you could hear the rushing pounding Klickitat River right there – it instills awe.

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