Things I’m doing

Things I’m doing to entertain myself while my other opportunities for entertainment have been reduced:

  • I’ve been cleaning stuff I rarely clean. All the windows in the house, inside and out. I pulled the glass globes of the pendant lamps off and polished them till they’re sparkly. I applied Rust Out to my toilet bowls and tanks to get the horrible red stains off. People. I actually scrubbed the inside of my toilet tanks. Who does that?

    They look so nice when the glass is clean. And yes, that may be a sip of liqueur on the counter. A person needs it now and then. Especially while cleaning.
  • I’m painting this cabinet to put into my bathroom. It only came in bright enameled white, which doesn’t match. I chose matte eggplant because I’m going through this purple thing. I ran out of paint and went to Home Depot in two places to look for more paint when I ran out, but they didn’t have any. I had to stand in line 6 feet apart and was only allowed to go inside the store when someone else exited. It’s a good system. My cabinet remains in scattered eggplant and white pieces in my TV room.
    Eggplant is so much better than white. Ok, fine, that’s just my opinion.
    One Home Depot managing populations of customers.

    Another Home Depot, more crowd control.
  • Chasing chickens, who are so tempted by the green green grass that they keep escaping.

    Escaped ladies enjoying a stolen opportunity to eat beakfuls of grass.
  • Baking. Like so many others. My brother’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and he wanted carrot cake. He suggested carrot cupcakes might withstand the mail better, so cupcakes it was. I made a bigger cake out of all the leftover batter that didn’t fit into the muffin pan. Then I made bread. Because yum. The problem with a pandemic is that the easy ways of getting rid of the treats don’t exist anymore. I guess I could leave a plate of cookies at the neighbors, then ring the doorbell and run?
    Carrot cake cupcakes that were mailed to Seattle and survived!

    Freshly buttered loaves, filling my home with that unbeatable fragrance.
  • Watching live streamed shows of my friends. I know musicians and performers. One fun one is this improv comedy group in Portland called ComedySportz. The company is nationwide and they do competitions with each other, city against city. It’s not the best comedy you’ve ever seen in your life, but it’s comedy, and it’s free, and I love how people who perform and create are just figuring it out. NOT performing is definitely not an option for some people, so they make it happen. This is why I know we will all successfully get to the other side of coronavirus: because people are amazing.

    The Portland ComedySportz team captain Amy, and my friend Jamie hydrating during the Zoom show.
  • Walking my power walks. I’m still saying it’s “training” for the Hood to Coast race in August this year, but you and I both know that will be canceled. Training sounds more impressive than “I went for a walk.” I love to dazzle you, so imagine me as an athlete in training please. Thank you. I have lots of characters to talk to along my route, like these cute llamas.
  • Planting stuff. There hasn’t been much available at stores to plant as usual, but I did find peas. Yay! And I planted seeds for lettuces and spinach.
    Future lettuce and spinach. I hope.

    Future peas. I love fresh peas. Cooked ones not so much.
  • Coloring postcards while being on the phone. I’ve been on the phone a lot more lately, checking on people and staying in contact. I’m not good at being on the phone, so I leave my postcards and fine point ink pens on the table. Whenever I get restless on the phone, I sit down and start coloring. When I finish one, I mail it off and touch another person’s life. Win win.

    Hand-colored postcard, destined for someone in my address book.
  • Bonus: what Tara is doing. Making masks. They are great! I just love that kid.
    Modeling my brand new flamingo mask.

    This is the mask they’re making for their partner Brynnen, who loves dinosaurs, and works in a grocery store and needs protection every day.
  • Laughing at memes. Oh gosh, there has been a lot of funny stuff online. I’ll leave you with some of my favourites:
    This one is for my friend Will, who lives in Rhode Island. It’s fun to tease him about his very small state.

    So what have you been doing that’s different than usual?

17 thoughts on “Things I’m doing

    1. Thanks for your comment Sandra! The bread was deeelish!! I did not have to get rid of the extra, because there was no extra – I ate it all up. Yes, the chickens are so fun to watch. I actually go down to the pen and hang out with them sometimes, just for that reason.

  1. LOL. More than half the world’s houses or flats must be sparkling clean by now… With or without liqueur. What was your poison of choice? We’ve managed to replenish our red wine stocks on-line. So, except for Lindt chocolate, we’re good.
    Love your mask and book shelf. Did I spot Nietsche there?
    Be safe Crystal.

    1. Good eye Brian! Yes, I really like Nietsche’s writing style, as well as his points. There are a few other good ones I spot over my shoulders. The entire Harry Potter series of course, Confederacy of Dunces, Watership Down, Gone With the Wind, Pillars of the Earth. They are all old books. I mostly buy audio books now – much easier to read and fewer bookshelves are needed. I have Lindt chocolates left over from Easter – I’ll share! 🙂 In this photo, I believe I was drinking Frangelico. I went to the liquor store to stock up on whiskey – my poison of choice. But due to social distancing, I was waiting in line back by the shelves. And while I waited, the Frangelico whispered to me. I had no choice actually.

      1. Some whispers should not be ignored. Old books are good. haven’t gone into Audio. Just like pare too much. Now Watership down? That was a masterpiece. I still have it from my Grad school days… Be good.

  2. Love it, Crystal. Our house isn’t getting any more attention than usual, but our yard sure is. Peggy is busy making masks for all of our family. Tell Tara that we think hers looks great. And purple is just fine. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Yes!! I should have known Peggy would be on it. People with sewing machines wield them wonderfully in this war against the virus. That is wonderful to hear and I’m so grateful to Tara and Peggy for making the rest of us safer. From what I could see, your house was spotless when I was there, so I think you can turn your view outside. There is always, always something to be done on the property, right?

      1. Spotless. Ha. 🙂 But yes, there is plenty to do outside— like keeping young buck from chomping all of our newly planted honeysuckle. He is fearless when it comes to leaping into dangerous spaces. Makes me think of venison stew. 🙂 Peggy has done a great job, like Tara. –Curt

  3. Me too. A whole page of projects done and now another started. Lots of caulking and painting, and finding there is more to do as I go. Gardening tilling, garden cleaning out, garden new perennials. Picked up 1,119 pine cones. Yes, cleaning windows, too. Painting the foundation. And yes power walks. And read 3 books. And blogging!

    1. Wonderful Rod!! So many great projects on your list. And SO many pine cones, ha ha ha!! You sound amazingly active. I hope it’s keeping you happy and inspired. When you’re done with the garden, let me borrow that tiller?

  4. Wonderful, everything. You even mail most splendid cupcakes! 😮 And that hand-coloured postcard is magnificent, and your happy chickens, and the llamas, and to hear you speak to them. 🙂 And the eggplant colour! And the peas! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I've been doing less of everything than usual. I haven't been in a car for two weeks, amore is doing all the shopping. I walk the dog, a shorter walk than usual. Police cars are patrolling, checking that we don't stroll too far. I've been moving less than usual, just sitting here behind my comp all the time. 😦 Amore has been home from work all this time, which is great, but he has his own comp and people to kill (in his terrible game).

    I've been writing a poem a day for NaPoWriMo, April is the poetry month. This has been fun, and reading other people's poems. I'm listening to people singing from their homes a lot, everywhere, Slovenia, Italy, the world. It's fun seeing dogs of people while they sing, Rod Stewart's, David Gilmour's, and their kids sing with them, really cool.

    I can't read fiction, I can't watch films, all I read are articles about current events. You cannot make this shit up.

    All well to you!

    1. You cannot make it up. The world is changed. You reminded me of all the celebrities I’ve been seeing in their homes. Just saw Kate Blanchett giving an interview, and her little one who looked about 4, came in, wanting Mommy to put her to bed. It was so adorable. Nathan Lane gave a tour of his house. I saw inside Tom Hanks’ house, and Ellen DeGeneres’ house. I get to see everyone’s dogs as they leap onto laps during a work broadcast. I get to see everyone with an imperfect haircut and often NO makeup and I love them all so much more for it. I feel like I’ve been allowed to see them finally, for the first time. I am grateful and pleased.

      I like hearing that you’re getting to see and hear so much singing. Artists really need an audience and the more the better for them, I’m sure. You are already a poetry whiz, so getting even more involved is a great idea for you! Have you been especially challenged with your poetry this month? I’m sad to hear that your walks have to be shorter than unusual, when we need them more than usual. But I guess I’m grateful to hear that you can go outside each day. I do know there are people who are more or less trapped inside an apartment. That would make me go a little crazy. I can see that you have identified the things that would make it all worse for you, and are avoiding them. You are doing the right kind of self-care. Love and hugs, ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Ahh, thanks for your words, Crystal. 🙂 Poetry whiz! Well, this is the third April in a row that I’m doing a poem a day and it’s not too bad. Poems are coming along quite nicely. I miss my family but nothing I can do about that. Luckily I have my pack. Hugs!

    1. Dilip, so kind of you to stop by once more. Thank you for your message and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I took a quick look at your blog and I’ll go visit and spend better quality time later. Be well, ~Crystal

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