At home

Spring sun lights up the frost and illuminates the early hints of reds and greens in the tree branches.
A view of the pond during a warmer time of day.

Home is where I have been oh, so much of the time. You too, I am guessing. My friend Manja wrote a “sorry, not sorry” poem about things she was not sorry for but thought maybe she was supposed to be. This is the way I feel about my success right now. I’ll confess it to you: I am healthy, happy, and very occupied. I am financially secure, school is keeping me super busy, and I have a big property that I can roam for an hour and never cross the same spot twice. It’s springtime so there is lots of work to do outside. Most of my friends keep in contact via the internet anyway, or texting on phones. Not much has changed except the news, and how much I am worried about others, who are at risk of exposure more than me. Worried people check in on me now and then, and it’s sweet of them, but I don’t need it. I’m doing great.

Is it inappropriate to admit that?

I mentioned to my friend Derrick that it’s good timing to be on stay-at-home orders in spring because there is so much work to do outside and so much loveliness to see. Even things not in gardens are blooming. The bird song is loud and proud. The weather is more unpredictable than usual. The grass that has been mostly brown for months is now mostly green. The outermost tiny tree branches are getting a fog of green or of red around them. My peach tree has pink blossoms and my plum tree has white blossoms. The frogs have started croaking in the evenings again. The hens are laying like mad. The eggs are constantly a delight. Every Easter egg shade, with textures and freckles and each one filled with yummy protein for me!

Lil’ Hussies out enjoying the sun and eating the green grass. I think my hens are so pretty.

Derrick is kind enough to give a tour of his garden now and then on his blog. I used it as a suggestion to me for a topic. So I’m gathering what random shots I found on my phone and in my camera, and I’m posting the more interesting ones.

I have to brag about this shot. I am an amateur photographer every way you look at it. When a capture this great shows up in my camera, I get very excited. Here is a Steller’s Jay on top of the post holding the bird feeder.
Here he is at the bird feeder, digging for sunflower seeds and ignoring the rest of the seeds.

I haven’t been posting much since January. Winter term at school was busy and fun. Spring term my classes are harder and I’m working even more. Mostly reading reading reading and then writing about what I read. My motivation to spend even more time at the computer is slim. I haven’t been visiting any of your blogs much. It’s not personal. I haven’t lost interest in your lives. I haven’t stopped caring. And I love how often you come back and read what I write, even when I’m not reading yours. That makes me smile. Thanks.

It’s been an unusually sunny Spring here in Rainier. That’s two springs in a row with that pattern. Heck, if global warming keeps it up like this, I may end up in a good climate if I just hang around for awhile. I’m always fantasizing about moving to a place where the sun shines more frequently than it rains, and where it gets hot in the summer. But wouldn’t it be a waste to up and move to the desert right when this place finally dries out and warms up.

Here’s a Junco below the feeder. Spilled seeds are no problem because other birds come and clean it up. If they don’t, the chipmunks and squirrels do.
Look at this wonderful camouflage.
Now you can see her clearly. I believe this is a female varied thrush.
Spotted towhee perches on a mossy stump.
I like his unusual dark red eyes.
Squirrel efficiently cleans up everything the birds leave. …and then buries it, to my annoyance.

You are correct! I have not cleared the garden that holds my bird feeders. I have not weeded. I am proud of myself just for having cleaned up the other garden in front of the porch. I also cut the grass in the lawn before the rain started again. Then I had to go back to reading.

Proof that I mowed the lawn. There is a lot. It takes me days.

I cleaned up the front garden in time for the bulbs to come up. I love the bursts of colour in this still chilly time of year. These rich colours are inspiring. Every spring I think, “Dang, I should have put in a bunch of bulbs last Fall.” And every Fall I think nothing about it. The ones I really want are snowdrops because they come up so early it seems unreal. Someday I’ll remember.

So hey! I hope there are blossoms for you to look at, and unexpected bursts of sunshine. I hope you are well in your body and in your mind. It’s so important to take care of your mind right now. Hugs and smiles from me to you.

9 thoughts on “At home

    1. Frontier Woman!! I have fun figuring out the challenges of keeping this place healthy and beautiful. I’m glad you like the views I can share. There are hills! We could roll together!! I won’t move until I don’t love it here anymore. So far, I still love it here. But in the meantime I want to at least visit the desert. It will be fun to get on a plane again someday, and go to a hot place.

      Thanks for sharing the link! Oh, gosh I’m sorry. I should have put a link in the post. I’ll do it right now.

    1. Thank you so much. Often I just take a few pics in the middle of something when I get distracted by a view, then I go back to whatever I was doing and forget all about the pics. It was fun to find so much material when I went to see what I’ve been taking pictures of the last few weeks.

    1. Thank you Derrick! In her comment above, Manja provided a link and that made me realize I could have put links into my post!! So I did! When I went through your posts recently, I realized how nice it was to walk through your garden with you. Somehow, even though I’m not there and I can’t hear your voice and I can’t hug a hello to Jackie, it was still reassuring and inspiring to be in your garden. I realized I could do the same thing and show photos of my own place. I’m glad you and Manja inspired me.

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