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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I received my very first blogger award nomination last week, from appletonavenue. It’s the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’ve seen awards around the blogosphere, and wondered how they worked. Now I’ve got a better sense: Someone who was nominated for the award gets the opportunity to send it on to their own favourite bloggers.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to appletonavenue for taking the time to nominate me, to tell me about the nomination, and for spreading some good vibes into the world.

Her blog is about an honest a blog as you’ll find anywhere. She often includes her personal struggles with real life issues that we all deal with: health, employment, family. She lays it out there. For real. If you have toes easily trampled, or sensitive feelings, better stay away. I LOVE THAT.  Her posts are a reminder of how honest I could be. Plus, she’s another blogger who tags with the word “rants.” And that is awesome.

I’ve mentioned it before; I like to get to the bottom of mysteries and stories. So, I spent an hour trying to find the origin of the Sisterhood award. Couldn’t. If you’ve got leads, let me know. The earliest one I could find was dated January 30, 2011, and thanked the blogger who awarded it, but when I got to that blog, I simply could not find a reference to the award. I did lots of searches for “2010 Sisterhood of World Bloggers” and couldn’t find an instance when the award was presented in 2010.

I learned a lot about the award though. In one case it was presented by a man, which proves a Sisterhood is an idea, not a set of rules. In one case it was referred to as a “cooking blog award,” so I guess I need to post a recipe. (I have one in mind, the World’s Best Crock Pot Chicken, but I haven’t found the time to get that one to you yet.) It also actually *has been* awarded to  multinational bloggers (good, because I disdain the casual use of a phrase like “world blogger”). I learned how many people seem really, truly grateful to receive a nomination. It reminds me of a new word I recently learned from another blogger I read (BTW, in the list below). The word is netizen: A citizen of the Internet. Once we start giving and taking online, we create a community. I have several Internet communities now that are integral to my sense of well-being, WordPress and facebook being the two major digital places I live, in addition to my physical Montavilla home.

The character of this award seems to morph with time, like all good chain letters do. It began in a different format, in which the blogger listed the blogs nominated, with a call out to the people “Hey, come get your award.” Now it’s more personal, and the trend seems to be an individual personal message from the presenter to the nominee on the nominee’s own page. Another change is associated rules. The one my friend received has a list of 5 rules, including answering 10 personal questions and the nomination of 10-12 favourite bloggers. I found one from 2012 that had rules including answering 7 personal questions and nominating 7 bloggers. I found one from February 2011, in which there is only one rule: pass it on. I like that. It’s the most important rule in any case.

The  January 30, 2011 award from food and thrift states “no rules at all,” but then asks to please link back to the presenter.

In my form of passing it on, I’ll list the blogs I am currently reading the most often. I’m not a nominator-type person, so if you were hoping I’d nominate you: sorry. Don’t take it personally. I am big on advertising, however. Advertising awesomeness, I mean. So here are the blogs I’d like to advertise, in no special order whatsoever:

  1. Hiking Photography – Canadian Patrick Latter is an astonishingly talented photographer. We’re talking jaw-dropping work. His blog isn’t just a collage of pretty images, but often includes quick blurbs about his friends and his interests. His interests frequently include packing into pristine wilderness and scaling mountain peaks. Only a few posts in, you’ll realize this guy has a natural Joy Of Life that is irresistible.
  2. Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things – A blogger kindred spirit, LB rides her motorcycles on distant trips and also around her part of the world, which happens to be the southeastern United States, and lucky for us: she takes her camera with her. LB is another human being whose goodness and love is obvious and irresistible. Her artist’s eye informs her lens, and the images she posts show me how to look deeper and to appreciate the wonder of the world that is right outside my door.
  3. With All I Am – Tanzanian Prayson Daniel takes his theology studies seriously and passionately. In fact, it is his own ceaseless searching for his path in faith that led him to these studies. He immerses himself in academic studies of Christianity, as well as history of Christianity, and modern applications of theological perspectives. Prayson is constant, earnest, loving, open, and humble. He and I share a lot of love, even though I am atheist and he is devout. He is helping my defensive and angry heart to learn about the better parts of Christianity, and is not trying to convert me.
  4. Hike Mt. Shasta – This hiker blogger hails from northern California. Bubba Suess has a goal of providing the most comprehensive guide to the trails and sights of Mt. Shasta. This compelling volcano is near the California/ Oregon border. Hike Mt. Shasta is fun to read because the trails are so close to my favourite backpacking area, the Trinity Alps of Northern Cali. And you know I love volcanoes…
  5. Caelan Huntress – My daughter and I met this gigantic personality (and his lovely family) years ago at a park in North Portland. Later he sold me insurance (I’m still a customer of the company, though Caelan moved on). Now I stick around because Caelan has yet another of those personalities that is crammed with adventure, love, and unquenchable optimism. He always has some new plan, some incredible dream, some clever creation to talk about. His newsletter focus right now has a lot to do with helping you help yourself, in business, branding, blogging. His blog is an intimate invitation into a beautiful life. And this man is not satisfied with plans and dreams…he then goes on to make stuff happen. It’s wonderful to witness.
  6. Ben Trube, Writer – Ben writes programs to build fractals. I am in love with fractals: mathematical equations that, when graphed, make patterns that appear the same or similar when viewed from different distances. They are also beautiful. Ben’s blog contains stuff about fractals, including his newly published book on what he’s been doing, but there are also a bunch of posts on regular stuff in his life, and about being a writer. He rants, he champions causes, he praises his friends. He also introduced his dad’s brand new book review blog recently, and I like that one too.
  7. The Rider – The Rider is a South African pastor who explores and comments on the world around him. The first post I read was about a welding project in which he built a bird feeder on his property. How fun is that? And what are the odds that I would randomly stumble onto two blogs from motorcyclists? I enjoy the opportunity to read the perspective of a non-north American, and I’m humbled by his ability to touch his readers in a second language. Here is a man with a wonderful sense of humor and an engaging delight in life and the people around him. (also, The Rider does not nominate people for awards either)
  8. Annika Ruohonen Photography – Annika also writes her blog in English, a second language. Her intent is to showcase her stunning photography, but sometimes her words offer the perfect poetic accompaniment. She is a teacher, a mother, an artist. Her photos are profoundly moving.

Whoo. That turned out to be a long post, didn’t it? Well, I hope I did the award justice, by spreading the love. Thanks to all of you for being out there, and for reading, and for writing your own.

16 thoughts on “Blogging Communities

  1. I am moved beyond measure by your warm words Crystal. I hope and pray we meet face to face for a cup of coffee and cupcake.

    If it happens you are in Copenhagen, may I be of your service. Thanks once again.

    1. Cupcakes and coffee sound so tempting I may have to make special plans to travel to Denmark just to have them! I am so pleased to have met you online, Prayson, and I’m honored by your friendship. P.S. The photo of you and your wife is *so nice*!

  2. How fun to come to your blog, just because I love your blog, and find that mine is mentioned in a list of really cool other blogs. I’ve already checked out Food and Thrift and look forward to visiting the others (especially the “ranter” 🙂 )
    But first, I have to just say that I love your research and examination for the award you received. The “no rules” and “pass it on” appeal to me. I learn so much from you: multinational blogger and netizen are great terms! You have a nice way of telling a story and I very much enjoy your posts.
    We are going to have so much fun when we have that big blogger party someday!!

    1. I’m glad I was able to surprise you, Laurie. That was part of my hope: that someone would accidentally find their own blog here. (i’m a little wicked that way) Thanks for your comments on my research. I should have linked all the posts I referenced, but by the time I thought of it, those web pages had long been replaced by others. Ah well.

      I hope this list gets people to click on other posts, as you did. It’s a great way to pay it forward. And yes, that future blogger party is going to be too fun.

  3. Congratulations on this award. I found you by accident because, like you, I wanted to find out the origins of this award. I guess there is non to be found and the answer is to simply accept it with grace

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