Atlas and St. Patrick's Cathedral

…so, this is probably my new web town. Though I’m not entirely sure yet. Still poking around. I wish I could personalize the appearance… but maybe that can be done still. I need to play more and ask more questions. It’s not much at all like my old web town.

Oh, so, no. This post doesn’t apply to you at all. It’s just a tester so that I can throw up some images and see how they translate to the different skins WordPress offers in its buffet. I want to shop for my new blog clothes and accessories like I would buy a new motor home, i.e., “Er, I like the sink in the corner but NOT those cabinets, blech. And the colour theme is good, but how about more grey? Put the windows over there instead. And I want to provide my own fabric – none of the choices you provide are right.”

p.s. ha ha ha!! I just noticed the edit button that allows me to show or hide the kitchen sink. Ask and ye shall receive…