Farmer’s Market

shoulder to shoulder

We went to the opening day of the Portland Farmer’s Market downtown. The weather cooperated and citizens showed up in droves!

I have been to a few farmer’s markets in Portland, but it was my first time for this one. I hear that it has grown in size. It was certainly full of homegrown and homemade wares of all kinds. Honey candles, crocheted hats, photography, houseplants, cut flowers, and best of all: lots of fresh garden fruits and veggies.

carrying flowers over their heads so they don't get crushed

I bought a bag of red potatoes and a box of chocolate covered cherries. Mom bought pastries and rutabaga. Who buys rutabaga? Tara bought honey sticks.

honey ...and duct tape

The festival atmosphere combined with the joy that emerges anytime a group of people gets to congregate outside in glorious spring weather after a cold, wet winter, served to buoy the three of us.

Later we spotted Uncle Jim driving the streetcar and hopped a ride. He had a 10-minute layover at the tram, and told us that if we rode it up and then down again, we would be back in time to catch his streetcar before his break was over. So we did. The day was splendid for an aerial trip above the Willamette River up to the hospitals on the hill.

Can you beat Springtime? I mean, can you?

a boy reaches for Lego tractors
fun for all ages
the setting added to the delight

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