So long Zaadzsters! And so long Gaians too!

It was fun while it lasted!

While I spend the next two weeks looking for a new host for my blog – and hopefully a place to store my archives as well – I’ll be thinking of the Gaia community. It has been a place for me to remember to grow. There have been times when I’ve rewritten my blogs because posting it here made me find a more positive way to think about things.

You guys have been a positive force. So many of you have remained constantly aware of the opportunity to spread peace and joy by being peaceful and joyful. There was always Siona popping up to offer encouragement, say hello, and drop another question on us that would bring up wonderful reactions.

Off we go to scatter apart again, and embrace the next phase. Thanks for walking through this chapter with me. It has been fun to blog with a conscious community.

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