All Hallows Eve

isn't she simply a darling?!

My baby girl went to her first party without adults. (well, they hovered quietly in the house, while the kids had their party outside in the back yard) She was very very excited all week, and then came home hyped up on grown-up-ed- ness and sugar.

A neighbor’s kids threw the party for their 12- and 13- year old friends. They had obviously been planning it for at least a month. Invitations came out, with tickets for admission. The place was decorated to the hilt. It was so great.

on the steps of the porch
in costume

As luck would have it, we had a warm airmass move in early in the day, and it stayed with us through nighttime while only dropping a light sprinkle here and there. So the outdoor Halloween party had excellent weather. Well, for the season and the particular holiday it was excellent. Though there were no stars, no one had to wear a jacket.

My work day was sorta fun. Our boss invited people to come dressed up. It was surprizing to me, because it’s normally such a STODGY office. But currently we are in between Regional Office Managers, and our Service Center Manager is out of town. And the acting officials covering for the missing bosses are much more employee-friendly.

Loving the platinum blonde
don't I look wicked?

I’m not a company girl. I despise The Man. The way government runs itself is a constant embarrassment and a travesty to me, a government employee. But I try to make my points in supportive ways. If we dressed up for Halloween every year, I would ignore the event at work. But since I am highly in favor of treating employees like people who deserve some fun and respect, I came in costume. Hardly anyone else did, but that was ok by me.

last minute touch-ups

The fun part actually, was the reaction to my costume. People loved the wig! I had three different people tell me I should do my hair like that permanently. Ha ha. My cube was a popular spot during the day, as visitors came by to say Wow. I went out to lunch with work friends, and the woman who knows us said, “I just want to keep looking at you.” I said “Oooh, hey, tonight will be my lucky night! I should go out!”
Actually, it was a lucky night, after Mark and I shipped our kid off to her party. But… that’s another story. He thinks I’m gorgeous no matter what I’m wearing. (happy dance)

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