Last Day of School

"In eight hours I'll be free!"

My girlie will only be in the 6th grade for one more day. She’s such a sweetie, and growing so fast. Gosh, I love that kid.

blowing me a kiss

Friday morning we are driving her down to Humboldt County to be with her dad for the summer. Mark and I are going to make a mini-vacation out of it and camp in the Trinity Alps while we’re up there. I don’t know a parcel of land on the planet that I am more in love with than the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

My beloved friend Margaret is off in France getting her Qi aligned again after a great loss in her life. So I won’t be able to visit her, but I am hoping to drop in on April and share hugs and kisses and news. My Ophelia also suffered a great loss last year and I need to check in on her spiritual health.

I’m looking forward to a couple summer months without my girl to see if it helps me get my book written. I have 45 thousand words, but I am pretty sure I need 45 thousand more so that I can edit it all down to something meaty. (Don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I can write forever about only mildly interesting things….)

My garden is growing and my daughter is growing and I think I’m growing too.

practicing on the porch

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