Losing a friend



Sorry. I had to. I feel better now.



Oh my gosh, you got me laughing out loud with this. Akacia finds it depressing though. : )


Funny. Cute. I loved it. 🙂


Loved it. 🙂

But I have a gallows sense of humor, or so they tell me.


April, David, J,

Thanks for the returned laughs! I have a twisted sense of humour myself. I needed to lighten things up a bit. Still feeling morose about the loss of my friend Kevin, then I get this image emailed to me at work with the subject line: Loss of a Friend. I’m thinking “Oh, geez, who found out and why are they bringing it up? I don’t want to talk about it.” I saw the picture and, like you April, laughed out loud. It was good medicine. So I put it on Gaia to let any readers know that I am healing. hugs to you guys.

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