My Baby’s home!

Stars in Moab taken by Mark Drouin. Click image for source.

Baby got home in the middle of the night
Wrapped his arms around and held me tight
Couldn’t stay on the road no longer
Absence makes the heart grow fonder

*Big sigh!*  ;o)

He left on September 11th, and went first to San Francisco to visit friends. He hasn’t been inclined to come back home till now. I missed him terribly after 18 days.

It’s hard living with relatives, you know. And it’s a small space, so most of our things are still packed in storage and in boxes. Constant noise here. He figured he could wait for a phone call from a potential employer just as well in Nevada as he could wait for one here.

…and Utah. Then Colorado. …and he almost got to New Mexico – stayed the night in Cortez, CO – but something began calling him back to Portland. In Moab, UT, he was pretty sure he missed me. In Jackson, WY the next day, the weather turned cold and the rain moved in, and that was the last straw. He made 1,278 miles in 2 days and didn’t let go of me the rest of the night.

Man, it’s good to be loved.

His flickr photos are really remarkable, and his blog illuminates the trip.

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