What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted?

The warm smooth skin of my man. Like with anything in my mouth, I savor his texture as well as the resistance of his flesh in my teeth. It’s a full experience; taste mixing with the smells of his natural oils, the exceptional softness of his fine brown hair brushing against my lips, the headrush I get only from his skin, the heat radiating both from him and from my breath reflecting back to me, and the drumbeat of his heart which thumps against my cheek firmly but gently, reassuring me of his solidity and smoothing the creases from my brow.

Comments from the old blog:


That’s beautiful, and hot, lovely, awesome,Crystal! You bet, there’s nothing like touching and savoring your beloved!   Enjoy to your heart’s content, you lucky, loved soul!  And thanks for sharing your hot love life!  Delicious indeed! 🙂 


ha ha! of course Sam!

The very very first thing that came to mind when I read the Question was skin. My taste buds kicked into gear and were bubbling the moment I read it. Then I thought “Naw, this is supposed to be a food question.” But none of the foods I could think of were making me salivate. So I had to go back to skin. Maybe it was my mood at the time. ;o)

Your own answer to the question made me think of Como Agua Para Chocolate. Have you seen that movie? Like Water For Chocolate is about how we put ourselves into the food we are cooking. I agree with your post: homemade Italian food is hard to beat.

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