New pooches

Mamma Kootenai and her babies
Mamma Kootenai and her babies

Our lovely Miss Kootenai has successfully enlarged her family again.

Proud Pappa Kaiser hasn’t been allowed to meet them yet – not till they get bigger and stand more of a chance of not getting squooshed by him accidentally. Eleven new babies all mewing and suckling and sliding over each other in heaps… it’s practically irresistible.

…this coming from a self-described non-dog person.

This household includes a great many animals, dogs are among them. Very large and very small: either Saint Bernards lumbering and drooling or Schipperkes yipping and bounding 4 feet vertically.

The Uncles have been successfully finding homes for every puppy for years, so the grown ups are encouraged to do their doggie darnedest in demographics. Ernie and Onyx, the small dogs, are equally encouraged, but less inclined to increase their family size.

We, as house guests, are allowed the pleasure of watching a good mamma care for her little ones as they fill their small puppy lungs and make their little bodies stronger with each hour that passes.

Congratulations, Kootenai. Good on ya!

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