What do you want to accomplish this month?

Image of the island doctored up to look like it would without human influence

That’s easy, after answering QaR for Aug 2.

This is a photo of the island of Shemya. It’s been doctored up to look like what someone imagines it would look like without people, buildings and roads. The intent of the military is to restore the island someday to its “natural” state.

I want to get my Shemya book started, perfect a query letter, and identify and then contact at least ten agents with my proposal. By the end of the month I want to have at least one chapter done. I want to dig through storage and find all my old journals of when I was there, and my photo albums. I want to get all the photos scanned, so I’ll have them digitally.

Heck, I’m unemployed, so what is there to lose? Searching for new jobs is sort of sluggish right now, because there really isn’t much out there in conflict resolution for a well-meaning woman with no experience in the field. I might as well get enthusiastic about writing a book, and put my energy into something that has the potential to pay a bill or two.

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