Middle Earth

Yesterday I was surprised to have a really positive experience through merely talking about an author that I love to someone who loves that same author. We J.R.R. Tolkien lovers were put in contact with each other here:  http://www.surveyingmiddle-earth.com/

Please visit the site if you have read Tolkien and enjoyed it. David is writing a book about the fans of Tolkien’s writing, and has the goal of getting 1000 online surveys completed, and as many personal interviews as possible. He has been doing telephone interviews since April, and got to mine yesterday.

It was fascinating the way he recognized what I loved about the book as reflections of my personality in this world. I mentioned for instance, how I loved the Ents (trees that can communicate). I thought it was probably because I grew up in forests and feel like I have relationships with trees anyway, so those characters appealed to me. David saw that I respect other races even when I don’t understand them, and seek to always learn more about those who are different than me, because it helps me learn more about myself. He mentioned that I approached the book in the same way that I approached my field of education. Anthropology brought me much closer to many people very different from me.

I had never thought of examining my personality through the things that I love to read. Now I’ll have to browse through my booklist again. Hmmmm

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