Number One

I only signed up for zaadz so that I could comment on Ophelia’s blog. But what the hell: I’m here now. (and I haven’t even commented on her blog yet. Ha!)

I just moved here to Portland from Massachusetts. I’m not from there; I was going to school there. Before that I was in beautiful, magical, Humboldt County California. I’m not from there either (California bad! hisssss!! – as a proper PacNW girl might say). Before that, Vermont. If we keep going in this vein: before Vermont was Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Washington (the first time), Illinois, Texas, Idaho and Oregon.

I was born in Oregon. Left there was I was 10 years old. Lookit that! It took me only 27 years to get back. I’ve always loved Oregon. Now I get to see if real life matches the fantasy in my head.

Portland is a fabulous city – and that’s a big compliment coming from a self-avowed country girl. I’m not even a small-town girl; I am a cabin-in-the-sticks girl.

…but usually the job market is slim in the sticks. So I have spent a lot of time living in cities. I try to choose them smaller; thus Portland. When I need to really re-charge my batteries, I load up the pack and find a trail, and wind up into the mountains by myself for a few days till I feel like myself again.

Well, I guess I’ll have to stop here. My battery is running down. I took the laptop into another room so I wouldn’t wake my Baby ( that’s my sweetheart, not the infant type). I may wander back to zaadz one of these days.

3 thoughts on “Number One

  1. June 20, 2007!!! Damn it, girl! That was a loooot of time ago! We were 37! Congratulations on online journaling ever since. I don’t promise to read it all but I shall start at the beginning and comment if something spurs me. Quite incredible.

    1. You’ve already read so many today! And I want to see what you’re commenting about, so I keep reading them too. 🙂 What a fabulous friend you are. Yes, so, back in 2007 I began a blog. I explain it a little bit in the “about me” section. In this post I refer to the website as Zaadz, which is where I was posting. Then it became a new company, called Gaia. Then it closed. All of us bloggers were warned ahead of time, and I copied every single post and transferred it to WordPress. This explains some pretty clunky graphic arrangements and weird comment structure for the really old posts.

      1. Ah, right, I was just wondering about that. When I read the quoted “comment from the old blog” in your second post, I wondered if there is a blog even older than this one! 🙂

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