Professional Experience

At age 15 I earned my first paycheck doing janitorial work at my school. Since then I’ve worked fabulous jobs, from University Web Development in Massachusetts to Head of Security for Reeve Aleutian Airline in Alaska. I made pizzas at a neighborhood hangout and I modeled for figure art classes for years.

More significantly, I worked almost three decades for the U.S. federal government. I was a Weather Specialist in the U.S. Air Force, followed by 11 years as a Hydrometeorological Technician with NOAA’s National Weather Service. Most recently I was a Decision Review Officer and Rating Veterans Service Representative for over 11 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

work experience

training consultant

I have been a training consultant working for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) since 2019. I teach topics of health, procedure, and VA law to employees of VFW. The VFW training facility is in Annapolis, MD but in 2020, like everyone else I taught over Zoom.

  • skilled communicator
  • public speaking
  • preparation & delivery of training materials
  • self-management
  • organization
  • flexibility

hydrometeorological technician

At the National Weather Service we worked as team to provide weather warnings and forecasts for land and sea. I managed multiple projects outside that job description and gained a wide array of experiences.

  • problem solving
  • decision-making under pressure
  • time management
  • use of variety of software & hardware systems
  • data collection & analysis
  • collaboration
  • responsibility
  • communication via multiple formats

decision review officer

For over eleven years I made decisions regarding disability claims for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Any military member who becomes ill or is injured during active duty service is eligible for health care assistance and other benefits. I determined eligibility.

  • conflict resolution
  • decision-making based on law & case precedent
  • listening, empathy & patience
  • honesty & transparency
  • communication via multiple formats
  • problem-solving & creativity

weather specialist

In the United States Air Force I was trained as flight operations support. The work could be high stakes and fast paced. Our weather observations and forecasts were created as a team, and I disseminated our products in multiple formats to include radio communication with pilots in flight.

  • high quality work under pressure
  • data collection & analysis
  • collaboration
  • communication via multiple formats
  • responsibility

Air Force Achievement Medal (03/1992 & 03/1991)

supernumerary programs, awards & recognition

Program manager

  • NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) (1998-2003)
  • Diversity Program (1998–2003)
  • Upper Air Program (weather balloons), (1993-1995)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), (1995–1998)
  • Program creator and Manager Cooperative Weather Observer program (COOP), (1995-1998)

VA Awards & honors

  • Overseas Military Services Coordinator, Japan (2012)
  • CHALLENGE Instructor, Phoenix (2012)
  • Equal Employment Action Committee Special Award (2010)
  • Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Point of Contact (2012-2015)
  • American Indian/Alaska Native Diversity Coordinator (2008-2010)
  • Certified Training Instructor (2011-2019)

NWS Awards & honors

  • New Leader Program (2000)
  • University Assignment Program (2001) 
  • Diversity Action Committee Special Award (2001) 
  • Quality Step Increase (1999) 
  • DOC Silver Medal (1998) For team efforts at NWS Office Burlington, VT, for efforts during Ice Storm 1998
  • DOC Bronze Medal (1998) For team efforts at NWS Office Eureka, CA, during El Nino event 1997/1998 
  • Editor North Country Observer (quarterly publication), (1995-98)
  • Editor North Coast Observer (quarterly publication), (1998-2003)