Dew bejewels my tomatoes

Real quick, I only wanted to post photos of this morning’s delight: jewels out on my deck.

I went out to pick lettuce, since it’s better to do that when it’s cool. Then I inspected all the other plants just because they are my babies and I can’t help myself. I looked up and saw the dew and ran immediately for my camera.

Tiny spider beginning a web in the cool morning.

I have my vegetable garden on my deck so that the deer don’t eat it. This year got off to a very cool, wet start, so my deck garden is only now really showing growth. I’m afraid I’ll have a super short tomato and squash season, if the rains start on time. Ah well, nothing I can do.

My deck garden
The rest of the garden. I’m using more containers this year.

That’s all! I hope you enjoy nature’s jewels.

I am taking Pedro to an eye appointment today. He is like me, and sensitive to the drops they give, and unable to see well enough to drive home after. I am happy to be the chauffer. Right before the appointment, we are meeting my new brother Tanner for lunch. Tanner happens to be passing through Portland right at lunchtime. It will be the first time they get to meet and everyone’s excited.

Tomorrow we are driving up to Seattle to stay with my other brother Ian, and his girlfriend, Karen. Pedro has an appointment at the airport to get his interview for Global Entry. So finally he can get his Known Traveler Number and get that TSA Pre-Check checkmark and we will be able to move through security and customs much much faster now. I already have Global Entry, but until he gets it too, when we travel together, we both have to get in line with the rest of the crowd.

I’ll see you next week!

6 thoughts on “Jewels

    1. Thank you! I am looking forward to harvest, for sure. I’ve been eating lettuce for a couple months. Lettuce always does well here in the cool and wet. I picked two cucumbers yesterday, that were delicious. Everything else has weeks to go. The weather is cooling for us here, as it is for you too. That’s good in some ways, but I worry that my plants won’t grow fast enough when it’s only 73 degrees out. Like I said though. Nothing I can do and I’ll take what I can get.

  1. I gather the heat hasn’t hit you as hard as in Portland? H had to go to a friends for a few days. No AC. You may get enough sun and heat at the tail end of your growing season for those veggies. Enjoy your brotherly visits.

    1. You are right. Rainier is consistently about 10 degrees cooler than Portland. It’s part of why I grouse and complain all year round. It’s cooler and wetter, because I’m right on the river and an hour closer to the coast. So…that means when it was 103 in Portland it was 94 here…so it was still hot. I’m glad H had a place to go. My house is wonderfully insulated and the temp drops to 59 or so at night…so I consistently open it all up and get it nice and chilly in the mornings, then close everything up. I know that it also does not get so cool at night in Portland. It’s very comfortable for me out here. I am hoping the same as you: that our long wet, cool early summer will mean a long warm, dry autumn. It has happened before. I’ve seen summers last in October before the rains start.

    1. Thank you Derrick! We are now back from Seattle. It was a lovely visit. My brother and his lady are the best hosts and we are very comfortable staying at their home. The interview with Department of Homeland Security went well and lasted about six minutes and now Pedro has been determined a “trusted traveler,” ha ha ha.

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