First two States

Apparently I was ready to be impressed by scenery, and took this shot while still in the Columbia River Gorge.

I’m currently in Arizona. I drove down here to meet up with two of my brothers, and on the way, was able to visit another brother. It’s a brother of a road trip. Anyway, Arizona is a long way from my house, so it took me a few days. Today’s post is just day one, through the first two states: Oregon and Idaho.

I was trying to make good time, so I did not stop to sightsee (don’t worry, I did later in the journey – the pics get so much more amazing). What I did instead was take so many many photos with my right hand, while driving with my left hand and keeping my eyes on the road. Lots of them are lopsided and blurry, but lots turned out pretty cool too.

I know they’re supposed to be an eyesore, but I find a childlike wonder in the wind turbines out in the eastern part of the Columbia River Gorge.

In the photo above, it’s hard to see, but I managed to capture a glimpse of one of the delightful curiosities that one comes across while traveling this country. Do you know what I’m talking about? World’s Largest Ball of String. Three-legged cow. 20-foot tall rocking chair. That kind of thing. If you look carefully (or enlarge) you can see a life-sized concrete replica of what one person imagined Stonehenge to be when it was originally built. I’ve been at the site, and it’s pretty cool, perched there on a scenic hill overlooking the Columbia River.

The snowiest place of my journey was this rest stop in northeastern Oregon. It was hard to imagine that in only a few days I would be in the 80-degree sunshine of Phoenix.
From then on, the snow I saw was mostly at a distance.
The terrain, with its wide valleys surrounded by mountains, offers some outstanding views.
Near the Oregon-Idaho border.
My aim was a little off, but I like the way it turned out.
Southwestern Idaho
Livestock out here is mostly cattle and sheep
As I headed into the Treasure Valley of Idaho, the day was ending.

Though my final destination was Phoenix, by pure coincidence my path took me right past my brother Eli’s house. I hadn’t realized it till about a week before I left. I contacted him and asked if they would be home on Friday night. The answer was, “You MUST stay with us!” In this way I had a wonderful, long-overdue visit in Boise, Idaho with my brother Eli, my sister-in-law Addie, and my two awesome nephews.

They fed me dinner, caught me up on news, and took good care of me. I got tours of the boys’ rooms, and played a little Wii with them. Then after the boys went to sleep, the three of us grown ups talked until the wee hours, and drank somewhat too much wine. But it was a time to celebrate.

Eli, me, Addie
Eli, me, and Peanut

The next day I finished up Idaho, and cut south into Utah. After that, I finally started stopping for photos. It’s hard to resist out in that insanely gorgeous desert. In the meantime, I’ll still not have time to read your blogs, ha ha. I always think of you though, wondering what is going on in your different lives around the globe. I hope you are as well as you can be. When I get home I’ll spend a day and read 17 of your posts in a row, like I do. Thank you for stopping by. ❤

8 thoughts on “First two States

  1. I have never gone that northern route to Arizona. Always gone south. The kids always go north but never take photos. It’s nice to see what I missed. I like the snow “in the distance.” I’m hoping the rest of the brother trip goes as well as your first stop. Thanks for the photos.

    1. Snow in the distance is ideal in a lot of ways! ha ha ha. I’m glad you are getting to see the northern route to Arizona. I just plotted the route from my house to yours, and Google said that was the way to go. Coming home from Phoenix, it’s faster to come home through California. I’m guessing you must have taken another route altogether. Through Nevada maybe? Las Vegas and Kingman and that way? That’s how my brother Tanner and family came down.

      1. We always go through Flagstaff, Kingman, and then Barstow to Bakerfield to go up 5. Plenty of petrol and places to stop and stretch. H loves eating at Black Angus in Bakersfield. Best Cobb salad I ever had.

  2. Ahh, another brother! 😀 You have them strategically placed. Great to see the smiles. And you’ve got a Stonehenge! 😮 Extremely well done for taking this trip. And you’ve been rewarded.

    1. The Maryhill Stonehenge – so unexpected and really wonderful out there. It was built as a WWII memorial, which doesn’t make any sense to me, but ok. “Whatever flips your flipper,” I like to say. So there are names on stone tablets to local people who died in wars at that site, too. Oh, it is so convenient to have my brothers strategically placed. I did that on purpose, of course.

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