Rogue Sunset

View from the Rogue Public House Saturday night.

When Pedro and I came out of the forest after hiking for 7 miles along Gnat Creek, we were STARVING! We were pretty close to Astoria, Oregon, a much bigger town than my own, with a better selection of restaurants. We turned west on Highway 30 and went to the coast.

We had discussed a little about which place we should go to eat, but when we came over the last hill and saw the sky, my goal was to get to a place on the water because we needed access to this view. The sunset was going to be remarkable. I pulled in at the first place on the water: Rogue Public House. The pub is on Pier 39 and you actually have to drive on a pier to get to it – yeeks! But I knew out there we would have an unobstructed view of the sky.

From the public house side of the pier.
Looking west toward the mouth of the Columbia River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean. The bridge on the horizon is the Astoria-Megler bridge, 4.067 miles (6.55 km) long.

I dorked around and rather than go inside and see if a seat was available, I went directly to the edge of the pier with my camera and took the above shots while Pedro waited for me. When we made it inside, the people in front of us got the last table, and then we had to wait. It was worth it.

We were eventually seated against a wall in a dark area with no windows. It could have been a bummer, except that it was directly next to a back door the servers were using to take care of folks seated outside under the tent. I popped in and out of the door and had direct access to the edge of the pier as I kept taking photos of the sun going down.

A duck paddles in the calm and solitude.
I think this is a female Greater Scaup.

Our dinner was delicious, reminding me of one of my favourite literary quotes:

Hunger is the best sauce.

~Teresa Panza, Don Quixote
A panoramic view of the mouth of the Columbia River. Oregon on the left, Washington on the right.
Looking to my right along the pier, the scene brightens when I’m not shooting into the sun.
Yes, one more of the same exact scene. It’s just so pretty.
This image is from my phone, which was also doing a great job of grabbing the scene.

The Rogue Brewery is a local source of ale from Newport, Oregon with a sense of humor and a fan club. They produce beers with names like Combat Wombat, Cotes du Rogue, Knucklebuster, Shakespeare Stout, Batsquatch, and their famous Dead Guy Ale. We were sampling the Chocolate Stout and Hazelnut Brown Nectar and the woman behind the counter handed us a sample of a dark beer called the Secret or Surprise, or something, and it was the best! I wish I could remember the name of it. We both got a pint.

Sticking with the dark theme, we both had the Dead Guy Burger. It’s named after the ale, no Sweeny Todd going on here… it has the “nightmare black” bun, which turned out to be no-kidding black bread. Pedro looked it up later to find that it’s coloured with squid ink. So cool.

Sated and getting sleepy, it was time to head home. But just a few last shots from Pier 39 first.

City of Astoria in the early evening darkness.
Lights reflecting off the water.
Fishing boats resting for the night, ready for work the next day.
Goodnight Moon.

8 thoughts on “Rogue Sunset

  1. Ahh, just marvellous. What a great choice of restaurant for the sunset views. I’m glad the food was good too. I had a similar black bun burger with crab meat in Maribor once and it was so yum! Squid ink, wow!! And on the border of Oregon and Washington too!

    1. Ooh, I love the idea of a black bun with crab meat. I’ll bet that was delicious. Yes, the public house is not the most amazing food in Astoria, but it does have one of the most amazing settings, since it is perched atop a pier, out in the river. The food is reliably delicious, and their many beers on tap are fun to sample.

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