Bald Eagles in Lyle

A bald eagle makes his escape from me, heading west along the Columbia River.

I actually sat down today to edit snow photos from our big old snowstorm. But I noticed that I had not yet looked at these eagle shots – taken quickly from the side of the highway in cold, wind, and rain. The shot above is beautiful. I really love the way the grey rain and clouds look with that pretty black and white bird in the center.

After taking a couple shots of the adult (white head) and juvenile (brown) Bald Eagles in the tree, I adjusted my lens and then brought it up to take more photos. But whoops, they had spotted me and quickly flew away. Thankfully, their flight offered me that awesome shot.

These are all the photos I managed to take:

Juvenile on the left and adult on the right.
Adult looks directly at me and asks, “Excuse me?”
He then turns to his baby and says, “You ready to get out of here?”
And off they went.
It’s hard to tell, but this is a full-colour photo. You can see the red safety marker in the river.

6 thoughts on “Bald Eagles in Lyle

  1. You were so lucky to capture those photos and willing to step outside the car in the freeing rain and gloom to do it. Birds don’t care. Those are great shots. Yes, the do look like black and white. Gray days are hard.

    1. You know, you noticed the exact thing, Marlene. The weather was so awful I drove down the highway a ways before I told myself PULL OVER! I really didn’t want to get out of my car. Then I was so far down the road I had such a run to get back to the birds. Luckily, there is a rock berm beside the highway there the entire distance, so I ran until I came to the edge of it, peeped around, and took the three shots of them in the tree. I ducked behind the hill again, checked to make sure my camera was all set right, then peeped around once more and they were gone! I scanned the skies and found them flying away, and got three more shots before they were too far into the rain. I am so lucky that each one of turned out. And then, bonus, the bad weather makes the background of these shots look amazing, when they are heading down the river.

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