Spring critters

I caught a few pics of fawns in the last couple weeks. Their mommas have been extra skittish this year and I’m afraid I won’t get anything better till they’re grown. I’ll share with you what I have, because spotted babies always make me smile and I’m hoping you will smile too.

If only they would stay here longer and clip all those weeds short. Then I wouldn’t have to go out and mow them down.
It wasn’t till I reviewed the photos later that I realized there were four fawns out there this day. Two sets of twins. All of us (deer included) were focused on the baby third from right, who had a terrible limp. It may have been a very new deer, as it was so tiny.
Finally these three moved off from the slower group with the limping baby. Behind them you see what happens when I neglect cutting the grass for even one week in June. By July the rains stop and the grass grows slowly.
These two fawns had no mobility problems.
Mom remained on alert while her kids ran in circles.
“Mom, watch me jump!”
I spotted a lone fawn walking toward the apple tree. You can see my riding lawnmower in the foreground, hinting at me that I am not done with my work.
It’s momma came bounding through moments later. At the end you can see my deck garden. It’s the only place I can grow things without the deer eating them.



It’s momma came bounding through moments later. At the end you can see my deck garden. It’s the only place I can grow things without the deer eating them.

I put out a new style of hummingbird feeder because my other one is rusting terribly. The hummingbirds are not very interested, but someone else definitely is! They drained it, and then began chewing up the plastic bottom, in an attempt to get to the drips left. I had to hang it in a new place.

Tree squirrel discovers sugar water. Like tree squirrels everywhere, this one does not care that the food is meant for birds.
“Hey! Whatcha’ got there?”
“You’re right. This stuff is tasty.”
Squirrel in air: “Hey, quit spinning it. I’m gonna fall!” Squirrel on tree: “heh heh.”

Last but not least, I will leave you with two photos of Racecar. She is no spring animal. Using multiple cat age calculators (who knew this calculation was in such high demand on the Internet!), at 14 years, 9 months, her cat age is estimated to be between 66 and 73 in human age. I am told that if she’s an outdoor cat, then all the stresses of that kind of lifestyle make her actually older than the estimates. Hm. She is both, and comes and goes as she pleases. I wonder if there is another cat age adjustment for how spoiled and content a cat is, because mine is certainly both. The exception is that she is constantly irritated with me that I force her to eat awful, high-quality, vitamin-packed cat food, when she would rather eat ice cream and mayonnaise. She refuses to eat all canned (moist) cat food, and only wants dry kibble. I tried freeze-dried rabbit, which she will sometimes lick, but not eat. She despises fish – weirdo. But likes chicken and turkey flavor, so I try to feed her fresh chicken and turkey meat – sold frozen as a cat food product and quite expensive. She sniffs it and asks if I’ve got any yummy, dry, crunchy Meow Mix (very cheap) – her favourite. I tell her that Meow Mix is McDonald’s and it is not good for her. I starve her till she resigns herself to fresh chicken meat in desperation, and then as a reward I give her some healthy dry kibble, which she chews, grudgingly. (No worries about the “starving.” She is a bit plumper than ideal, so it’s only in Racecar’s perspective that she is actually being abused by being forced to eat healthy food.)

Enough about my feline Diva.

Manja mentioned bushboy’s photo challenge to post the last photo of the month that is on your SD card or phone. My last two images on my phone for the month of June are these two. Look at that diva face. I’m not supposed to caption or comment, but I can’t help myself.

“You woke me up for what?”
“You still annoy me but I am going to return to my nap and dream about Meow Mix.”

15 thoughts on “Spring critters

  1. Hhaha, brilliant last photo!! Diva face is right! I’m really glad that the challenge called you into taking part. Such beautiful green grass and so many super cute visitors! Obviously your heat isn’t a lasting phenomenon or it wouldn’t be as green.

    1. That last photo! I know! When I saw the challenge, I took a look, and when I realized what the last photo was I thought, “I have to do it.” ha ha. Yes, that’s what I keep in my mind when I have opinions about the weather (usually it’s when I’m complaining about the cold and wet): the weather is the reason this place is so green and beautiful year round. I guess I can accept the exchange. But I really do wish it were hotter and drier. Maybe I need to win the lottery and have two homes, heh heh.

  2. A wonderful post filled with nature and fun. It would be lovely to watch those fawns romp. As for the grumpy look, it is priceless. Thanks for joining in Crystal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Hey bushboy!! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the apparently irresistible blog challenge. I rarely participate in them, but sometimes they hit me just right, as yours did. Plus, when I saw my last photo of the month, I knew it had to be shared. I love having the deer here all the time. They come through my yard every morning and every night, and I especially love this time of year when the babies come through.

      1. Thank you. I love when nature comes visiting as it does here as well. I am happy that you find my photo challenge irresistible. Hope you can pop in this month as well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Oh Crystal! I love the photos and I think if I could have deer in my yard, I would be planting things they liked to eat just to keep them fed and safe. I’ll contribute to to plant fund. πŸ™‚ I didn’t know deer could have that many babies at once. My goodness. So exciting. I am NOT surprised at the squirrels sucking the humming bird feeders dry or chewing on the plastic. So cute yest such a menace. I adore them but they can be VERY destructive. Racecar is adorable. Cats, at least indoor cats, can live to be around 20 years old when well cared for and loved. Looks like Racecar is on the way toward that. Love the video too. Stay cool and leave enough grass for the babies to eat. We won’t tell if you don’t mow right away. Hugs.

    1. My neighbors had a third approach: they put out food for the deer, to try and keep them from eating their flowers. Deer will eat everything! Even plants that experts say deer will not eat; deer will still eat them, even if only to make sure that they don’t like them. Did you have this problem in Arizona? Anyway, my neighbors had azaleas and lilies and camellias and all the bulb flowers, and the deer would come through and eat everything down to stumps in an hour, even when Rocky would run out there, yelling at them and shooing them away. So they put out big piles of sweetened corn feed, and also Wonder Bread (for some reason the deer here like it) and piles of apples. It didn’t work, though they tried it year after year. Even if they ate the corn and apples most days, it only takes one day for the deer to try eating the azaleas, and boom, they’re gone.

      I feel the same as you about the squirrels. I really love them. They are pests. I cannot keep them out of the bird food, so I just try to put out enough for birds and squirrels. They are constantly climbing on the seed feeder, and recently knocked it off it’s hook so hard that it hit the ground and smashed. Grrr.

      At this point in the summer, the grass has decided to stop growing so fast, but the weeds still explode their new stalks up with gusto. *sigh* So periodically I go out and mow the weeds. I fantasize about hiring a landscaping company to do some kind of magic and make all the weeds go away. But what a job that would be! I don’t have time to deal with weed killer and grass fertilizer. THanks for not telling anyone that I’m letting the weeds go for a while…

  4. HaHa.. that cat looks like she has a few choice words for you!!

    That’s funny about the squirrels and the sugar water. Didn’t know they liked that. The poor humming birds, what a competition!! I really loved the video of the fawn.

    Nice post!


    1. Yes, the kitty pretends to be mad at me. I pretend to be mad at her. Then we both forgive and share loves and kisses. I discovered that squirrels like hummingbird food at my last house in the city. It took a couple years for the squirrels to find me here, out in the woods. But now they have a permanent home in the trees where I keep my bird feeders. So, I guess I brought them upon myself. I’m glad you liked the fawn video. πŸ™‚

  5. Both the fawns and squirrels made me laugh, Crystal. You are truly blessed. And I love that Racecar is such a diva – I can actually here her say: “At my age I should be allowed to eat and do as I please!”

    1. I was hoping to make *someone* laugh, and I’m glad it was you. What characters they all are. The best is when the fawns play chase, and race in circles, jump into the air, and bound toward each other. It’s a lot like watching dogs play, and very entertaining. You may be right about my diva. When I am 73 I hope no one makes me eat healthy food when I don’t want to, ha ha!! She is slowly warming up to the fresh chicken meat though. I just want to put healthy stuff in her at this time in life when I’m guessing she needs it. I should have been doing it all her life, so she wouldn’t have to be adjusting when she’s an old lady.

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