OYL February 11

One year ago, the road to my house was coated in winter.

One Year Later: I began my COVID journal on March 24th. The intent was to write down things that were catching my attention due to the pandemic. For my entries prior to March 24th, I wrote about what I recalled from the news.

“Li Wenliang had been warning people but January 3, 2020 he was threatened into silence by the local Wuhan authorities. He caught the virus from a patient and died February 7 at age 33. His age surprises me because the virus is widely believed to be something that kills the elderly, yet no one seems to have focused on the fact that the most famous death from the virus was a healthy man who was 33 years old. By the time of his death, Chinese authorities were well aware that they had a massive outbreak on their hands. By the end of January, China had built a hospital in ten days, extended the holiday to try and keep people at home and allow businesses to stay closed. Schools were closed.”

“February 11, we heard that instead of coronavirus, we were supposed to call it COVID-19. The damage had already been done to Corona beer, as hordes of people freaked out and stopped drinking it. The same idiots decided all East Asians were a risk factor, and stopped picking them up for Uber rides, and stopped going to the Asian markets. Trump said warm weather would eliminate the virus, and televangelist Jim Bakker was selling Silver Solution ointment to kill the virus in 12 hours. Sadly, he is not the only snake oil salesman out there.”

2 thoughts on “OYL February 11

  1. I love that picture of the road to your house, Crystal.
    It is so sad that Li Wenliang was not only silenced by authorities, but also lost his life. I knew about him, but somehow missed that he was only 33.
    I’m also quite taken aback by your last paragraph. What?!! It makes me doubt the intelligence of the human race. I know people have different opinions and experiences, but not picking East Asians up for Uber rides or to stop going to an Asian Supermarket doesn’t sound either logical or intelligent to me.

    1. I love that picture too! Funny, I posted it because I hadn’t seen snow yet this winter to speak of, and them blam! We got hit with such a storm. I live where it doesn’t snow much and we have had three days of snow. It is just a delight. I’ll have to post some pics of my poor hens trying to walk in it.

      It’s true it’s true. Not logical at all. There was an outcry here from people of East Asian descent who would call an Uber, then when the driver saw what they looked like, they would refuse to give them a ride. There was outright discrimination in the streets, such as names called and cashiers at stores would refuse to touch anything a person of Asian descent touched. It was really embarrassing. I’m glad this was not happening where you were.

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