What the duck?

Wait! Come back! I only want to tell you that you’re beautiful!

This is an entirely self-serving post. I had not been able to identify these ducks and decided to ask for help. I got the idea from Liz at Fetching the World, who said in the comments in my last post that she was on it. Thanks Liz!

What I also realized is that my photos of the ducks from yesterday were terrible, and made ID even more challenging. So I went back this morning. Obviously, as soon as the ducks spotted me closing the door of the Jeep with a camera in my hand, they moved away from shore. The Canada Geese and Mallards (which I have photographed a hundred times) stayed nice and close. Thanks guys. Put a word in with your buddies over there, though will you? The ones who think I’m somehow threatening? Tell them I’m here to make them beautiful.

Thanks for stopping in front of an interesting piling.
I mean, seriously, my camera can’t see you if you stay way over there.

They stayed well away from me and made clear shots difficult. Liz could certainly have given me bird photography tips were she here on the beach with me. My strategy was to hold still and be quiet and wait to see if they drifted closer. In the meantime, I admired the others.

The other birds are content to be within five feet of me.
Look at these two lovelies
I couldn’t ignore the sea lions. Much quieter today. (I use the term “quieter” loosely.)
Isn’t this fabulous? The one in the water, I mean. So graceful. Just holding her flippers in the air like a dancer.
The sentries at the end of the walking ramp remained at rest since I was not approaching.
Their hot bodies sending steam billowing. The main guard lifts her head toward me, exposing some sleep drool. No worry, honey, I drool in my sleep too.
She looks at the others under her protection and makes a decision.
Naptime is over. Lady on the beach is getting way too close. Time to be on lookout! (Ugh. Wipe your mouth already.)
As long as I faced them, this one stood on guard.

I was starting to get cold and my fingers weren’t flexing as well. But my waiting had paid off a little. The ducks had drifted a little closer. Close enough, in fact, to identify them.

Look at how pretty she is! What kind of duck is this?
Yesterday I thought these were two different kinds of diving ducks, hanging out together.
What pretty markings on your breast. Thank you for showing me!
As I mentioned in my last post, I thought the black and white one could be a Ring Necked Duck. But if so, I was stumped about the brown one.
These are Greater Scaups. The male is black and white with a speckled back that looks grey, and a green sheen on his head. The female Greater Scaup is brown with white cheeks and a bridge over her beak.

The mystery is solved! All because a blogger inspired me, I took the time to hold still on the cold beach till the skittish ducks came a little closer, and because of my super awesome Tamron 400mm zoom.

One more thing. Ten years ago I started my Word Press blog (after being with a different blog host for three years before that) How cool is this:Image1

Ok, you are now free to go back to your own stuff. Thanks for being the inspiration in my life today. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What the duck?

  1. I love your words, I could not help but smile and chuckle, I have been in the same situation. You said exactly what I think. The cool unusual ducks dont want to come any closer. I think I saw that same duck and could not find the name either. Great photos, 🙂

    1. Sandra, thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. Yes, I live alone so the best conversations I have all day are with whatever is around me. If that’s deer, or chickens, or ducks… I’ll talk to whomever. Glad you like my silly thoughts, ha ha. Well, now we know: Greater Scaup! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever identified this duck.

  2. You are tenacious if nothing else! Glad your mystery is solved before your fingers fell off. 10 years is a long time to be blogging. Congratulations. Now I’m going to shower and get some sleep. 😉 Hugs from OC.

    1. Tenacious is a kind way to say STUBBORN! And I’ll answer to both, ha ha. I am so glad my mystery is solved. I would have been happy to post photos and turn it over to Liz, as was my original plan, but I just can’t resist a puzzle. That’s what I like most about my job deciding VA disability claims, I was always convinced that if I studied the law books and the court cases long enough, I would find a way to grant benefits! I should remember this about myself: I’m happy when I have a puzzle to figure out. Ten years is a long time to do anything. I can’t believe how fast it went. I can’t believe I’m still living in Oregon. Can you believe this is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my whole life? Very funny you called your home the OC… 🙂

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