From sand to sea

One of the ubiquitous stray cats was taking advantage of an abandoned breakfast plate the morning we left Wadi Rum.

We did not do much today, and it was a nice break. We met Nashat after breakfast and found our way out of the desert of Wadi Rum and hit the highways. We drove for a few hours to Aqaba. Checked in early to our hotel, got free passes to a resort, then took off again. We spent the rest of the day lounging on the beach at the Red Sea. It was such a great change from being dried out and coated in dust. We swam out into the water and I was delighted to find that the sea floor had corals very close to shore. There were round ones and spiky ones, and beautiful multi-coloured fish swam through it all. We could have rented snorkels but we didn’t. I just held still and looked at them through the top of the water. I gently touched my toes to the round-topped corals that looked like brains. I accidentally scraped my toes against the other corals, and found that they are surprisingly abrasive.

The drive to Aqaba looked like this for miles and miles. I think the colours and textures of the mountains are stunning. Here you see solar panels scattered, but it’s in a desolate area, so not sure what the power is used for.
More empty mountains.
Getting closer to Aqaba. The power lines are pulling power north from the shore of the Red Sea. Nashat said the power is generated by imported natural gas. Jordan imports 96% of its energy needs.
Approaching Aqaba, Nashat pointed out the difference between the Israeli city of Eilat, and Jordanian city of Aqaba. The wealth discrepancy is apparent.
Aqaba in the foreground, Eilat in the background.
A Safeway in Aqaba. I won’t do a quiz this time. 🙂
Our splendid room with a fabulous view.
Resort on the Red Sea. This is the pool up on the hill. Margaret and I walked down to the beach instead.
Well, ok, there is SOME sand. But you’ll have to admit it’s a whole different world than Wadi Rum.
View at the beach.
My feet seeing the sun in October!!
I took a stealth shot of a Muslim woman in a burquini. These two women were hanging out together. What I have seen is that many Muslims do not act shocked or offended about seeing us with skin exposed. They talk to us, and share smiles. It almost feels like the different clothing is a matter of fashion sense, though I know it’s culture based. All my research before coming here made me expect to be criticized if I didn’t dress right. I know rules are relaxed at resorts though.
Back at the room we ordered a bottle of wine, our first since arriving in this country! And enjoyed the sunset view from the balcony.
I did a truckload of laundry.
Then said goodnight to Aqaba and crawled in between very clean sheets with no sand anywhere!

9 thoughts on “From sand to sea

  1. Ooo I see some street art down there in the last photo… I’d explore that in the day time. Beautiful room with the view (one before that, with the mountains). I would expect to be criticised too for showing skin, and have not visited any Muslim country yet (except Bosnia and Herzegovina but we used to be in the same country – Yugoslavia – and it was different). I’d prefer the beach to the pool as well, and on the beach I prefer the middle ground view to the yacht in the back. (Hihihih!)

  2. I always keep a look out for street art, and I’ve spotted some really good stuff. But so far it’s always while we are zooming through, in a car. I haven’t had an opportunity to take photos of street art so far. Maybe today, since we will be spending this last day in Amman again.

    You and I prefer the same view!! Only there might be a problem. The companion to the handsome man right in front of me was the even more fabulously handsome man down at the water’s edge (you can see his knees in the air). These two may not have been interested in us women. 😉

    We tried to be respectful in covering ourselves up every day, but it was impossible at the beach, so I felt a little awkward. I’m sure it was fine though. There are always tourists around us wearing barely anything: miniskirts and spaghetti strap tops.

  3. Now, that’s more my idea of a vacation. Hotels, showers, clean sheets but I’d prefer the pool. I think the world is growing up a bit. We all get to choose how we present ourselves to each other and we don’t have to be the same. It sounds like a nice relaxing day.

    1. There is a lot to be said for showers, reliable electricity, clean sheets. I mean, I love adventure, but only because I know there will be these wonderful luxuries at the end. ha ha! It was relaxing and I like how Nashat spaced out the resorts in between our tent living.

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