Window into the kitchen

This is the original kitchen, viewed through a “window” from the TV room.

Prior to the remodel, I was lucky to have friends remind me to take before and after pictures. I knew the change would be drastic, so I needed a point of reference. I chose to stand in the TV room and look through the open walkway into the kitchen.

I’ll do another post with more kitchen details, but here’s one that shows one perspective of the changes that took place from September 2018 through February 2019. Remember in a former post where, to be safe, I judged the kitchen wouldn’t be ready till Valentine’s Day? It was a good thing I did because it’s still not done. Really close though, just a few cosmetic fixes left.

Take a look at how the view changed over the months.

I scraped the popcorn off the ceiling so I could have a nice smooth finish. Then I began emptying the cupboards and the pantry.
Then tore out all the old cupboards, removed the appliances, and began tearing up the tile floor. The refrigerator was moved into the TV room and plugged in with an extension cord running into my bedroom, behind me as I take the photo.
At that point the contract work came in, dismantling the walls. Look how much that opens up the room already!
After everything was torn out, I cleaned up the floor. It’s still such a mess.
Sheetrock went up, the water heater was replaced with a tankless water heater for more space, and I was able to begin to visualize the future finished walls.
Tara came home from college for a couple days and we painted the walls.
Where did I wash dishes for all that time? You guessed it: in my bathroom sink. No, it was not ideal.
When the painting was done, the electrician hooked up some of the lights so we had something to work by. Then the cabinets were installed.
At long, long last the floor was installed. It was finally taking shape. Since the wood in the kitchen is white oak, and the wood in the TV room is red oak, it’s not a seamless transition. As the wood ages it will blend better. Even with the different wood, I like this much better than the trim pieces in between each room. Now it’s a flat surface that doesn’t trap dirt.
Finally put the dining table and the refrigerator back into the kitchen (and I scratched my beautiful floor in doing so – arrrgh!). Also installed microwave and wall oven.
And viola! My kitchen today. I’m all moved in and cooking again. And washing dishes in a proper sink.

Wanna take one more look at what it used to be? The old kitchen was small and dark. The new kitchen is bright and open.

Big changes.

20 thoughts on “Window into the kitchen

    1. Thank you! I have blissfully been making old recipes to remind myself of what a kitchen is for. Have I ever told you I make the best baking powder biscuits in the world? Well, now you know. 😉

    1. Agreed! One thing I was not expecting is how the “feel” of the whole room changes. Even from the living room, off to the side. No matter where you stand in there, it feels warm and inviting and comfortable. So nice. If you and Peggy are ever in the area, or even around Astoria, you are welcome to stop by for wine or tea and I can show you my pretty place.

    1. Thank you! It is nice indeed.

      As for the money… that remains to be seen. I just received the bill and it is TWICE the estimate. I am shocked and panicked, because I do not have the money for it. Currently researching consumer protection advocates and looking to see how I can dispute this bill.

      1. Twice? They can’t do that. Not without prior warning. Yes, get counsel. (God! Fighting and fighting! Why is there no other way?)

  1. It’s stunning, Crystal! So much brighter and welcoming than that dark kitchen before. Other than the contractor that is trying to gouge you, it’s a wonderful outcome.

    1. Oh, the guy is getting some serious kick back, you’ll find out. You see, when a man dismisses a woman, assuming she is dumb and incapable, he misses the opportunity to keep himself out of trouble…..

      1. Ha ha ha!! Right now I’m totally scared of what I’ve done: sent a letter correcting all the charges I disagree with, and sending a check for only half of what they think I owe. The battle has begun.

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