Photo a few days later from the same place I was standing when I took the above video.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my delight with the unusual snowfall was wiped out quickly by tons of rain that flooded my property.

I ran around this morning taking photos of the same spots that were flooded on the 12th. Scroll through and compare. Wow! That was a lot of water!

Now that the water has receded somewhat, you can see what my property is supposed to look like. You can also see logs and other debris (and some trash) that the flood waters dragged up onto the grass. I have some cleanup work ahead of me, but I still need to wait for the land to dry out because it’s still pretty soggy out there.

Also…anyone notice all the mole holes? Grrr…. those annoying little beasts. I hope some of them died in the floods.

The high water closer to the house was more amazing to me, simply because I spend more time in those spots. Anyone who has seen photos of my place before may recognize this scene with the fence posts on the left. You can also see my boot tracks from earlier in the day when I walked through before the water got higher!

The water never got high enough to threaten my house, but it threatened critter houses. I noticed some raccoon tracks in the snow. The tracks went all along the creek on my side, and I could tell someone was trying to get across to their home on the other side. I went out multiple times in the day, and saw new raccoon tracks each time, as the critter tried and tried to find a way across. I never did see the raccoon itself.

Also, I worried about the Hussies in their pen. From my deck it seemed like the water was very close, but when I went down to their pen to check on them, I saw that their chicken house stayed about 5 feet above the water line. In flood levels, five feet is a lot, and I was pretty sure they would be safe. But I didn’t know what would happen in the night. When I got up the next morning, the first thing I checked on was my chickens. Those lucky Hussies did not have to learn to swim overnight. Whew!

View of high water behind the chicken pen, from my house.

20 thoughts on “snow+rain=flood

    1. Thank you! I do love this property. I don’t mind the cleanup work, because then I build big slash piles and have bonfires, which is fun! I need to learn to use a chainsaw and then I can get the big logs cleaned up too.

      1. Well you have found your sweet nature spot and good for you for using a chain saw! I have a little hedger I like to use – not a chain saw but something like it and it is so fun to us ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿƒ

  1. Oh wow! Quite a bit of action there. I have never lived anywhere near the floods and can’t even imagine how it must feel. I really hope this is as high as the water goes. Those poor moles though! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Not poor moles! Bad moles! We want them all to move away to the forest where no one cares how many holes they dig.

      Yes, the flooding was a little scary, when I walked down close to it. I was a weather forecaster for 15 years, and I learned to have great respect for water when it is flooding. While I took those photos, I kept glancing behind me to check and make sure the water level wasn’t suddenly rising.

      The photos here were as high as I saw it. It may have risen higher after dark, but by morning it was back down again.

  2. My goodness, what a flood. I worried about you and the hussies. Glad you made it okay. I feel for the raccoon, though. Any recent activity? It has to be a momma trying to get to her den. Love you, cousin. Stay safe and find a boat.

    1. All is well here and there should be no more worrying!

      This raccoon is good at hiding, and I still haven’t seen it. It was probably up in a tree while I was wandering about taking photos. It was probably losing sleep too, because they are nocturnal and all the fresh tracks were happening in daytime. It can cross the creek now, because water levels have dropped and there are logs that form bridges large enough for a raccoon.

  3. I was so far behind that I almost missed this! Oh my goodness that would scare me a bit. Glad you were all ok there. Flooding is good and bad for the earth but I’m glad it didn’t damage too much that can’t be repaired. I’m ready for a little dry for awhile. Great video. Take care.

    1. It did scare me a bit when I was down there taking pictures. I also wasn’t brave enough to drive anywhere that day. Just hunkered down at home. I was relieved that the waters never got close to the house. I hope things are well where you are with all the moving and readjusting.

      1. Still very fatigued but getting there. So much more to do but it has to wait for warmer and dryer. We will do our yard sale June 8 to rid ourselves of so much and make a little for the Humane Society.

    1. Well, I already have a pond, so I do not need a dam. I think this winter storm did enough flooding without help from beavers!! You may be amused to learn that the name of the waterway there is Beaver Creek! I have found a couple of signs of beaver on the property, such as gnawed trees, but it’s all very old. Haven’t heard of any beaver spottings here in the 3+ years I’ve lived here.

      1. I read many beaver stories by Grey Owl as a child. I find them extraordinary animals. Haven’t seen any in the wild though. Will have to fix that someday. Cheers Crystal.

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