Soon to be Country Girl

The blonde chicks are Rhode Island Reds, and the other two I don't know. But I have time to figure it out before they come live with us.
The blonde chicks are Rhode Island Reds, and the other two types I don’t know. But I have time to figure it out before they come live with us.

We finally have the house. The purchase closed on Monday.

Things are topsy-turvy here, so this won’t be a real post, but I wanted you to know why I’ve been absent. Also, I know several of you are wondering how it’s going. 🙂

The seller is still living there for a few days, so Tara and I have not moved yet. We will spend the Independence Day weekend hauling boxes and lifting furniture.

Good things have happened in the last week: 1) The seller agreed to let us begin moving in before our official move-in date. That is so generous of him. 2) The person who now owns the home we are renting agreed to let us stay 5 more days since we can’t move yet. Wow, talk about generosity. 3) I have lots of friends who have been helping us move! 4) The Uncles have loaned me their pickup to haul stuff, since all the local moving companies are booked through July (it will save money anyway, so that’s nice too). 5) Even though the house is in disarray, our kitty, Racecar, seems only mildly irritated. I think she is still doing ok, and that eases my heart.

6) And just this morning I was able to hook up the old washing machine and do a load of laundry. We have been using my machines, but since they have been moved, I wanted to re-install the old machines. I had to purchase a new bilge pipe since the old one was cracked (like me!). I got the hot and cold water mixed up at first and we dropped about a gallon of water onto the floor while we got that unhooked again. Tara was filling cups with water while I ran and dumped them into the sink. It was pretty funny.

The Uncles have been raising baby chicks for us so that by the time we are ready with a coop, the chicks will be large enough to live out there. Just imagine: fresh eggs. Isn’t that a delicious thought?

15 thoughts on “Soon to be Country Girl

    1. Now that I know you pine for a home to own, I’ve really been relishing this place in your honor Pauline. Consider that you have a standing invitation if you ever find yourself in the States again.

    1. Thank you Maureen. Your photos from your home have had me yearning for my own slice of country for so long. I hope that this place will inspire me as yours has inspired you.

  1. Baby chicks and fresh eggs. Be still my heart. You’ll make a wonderful country girl. I’m excited for you and the Universe will help things go your way even though it handed you a few hitcheHs. Can’t tell you how happy I am for you. Hugs.

    1. You’ll be one of the first to receive eggs of course, once the eggs start coming. Yes, there were hitches, and yes, I pulled it off once again! I think the Universe just wanted to remind me that I can still overcome obstacles and have great successes. Thank you for sharing in my joy. 🙂

  2. YAY!!!!!! I’ve been wondering and am so thrilled!
    I’m way behind on WP so I’m off to your next post to see how things are going 🙂

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