Distraction with a capital D

Castle all lit up for the 60th diamond anniversary celebration. It truly is a magical place.
Castle all lit up for the 60th diamond anniversary celebration. It truly is a magical place.

This week we have been digging into the deepest reaches of our creativity, and our patience, and our optimism, as we try to hold onto the idea that we may be able to buy the home we have had our eyes on. I’ve purchased six homes before (I move a lot), and this is hands down the most lengthy, complicated, stressful purchase I’ve ever attempted. Please continue to send any spare happy vibes my way, and if you’re the praying kind, prayers are also appreciated. My confidence may be wavering a little, but I still have high hopes for home #7.

Here’s the GOOD news: I have been happy all week! I can’t think of many places that would have been a better fit for my Tara and me this week. Can you imagine trying to work while worrying so much? No way! Instead, we have been having a blast. Laughing and singing and chasing bubbles and joking with anyone nearby.

The photo was from last night. We were dragging our tired selves back from the New Orleans section, out toward Main Street, and we stopped for some reason, turned around to look behind us and saw this shimmering castle. My life is brilliant and magical.

22 thoughts on “Distraction with a capital D

  1. And if you hang onto the reality of that last sentence and feel it every time your thoughts want to turn to worry, concern, fear etc about home #7 – home #7 or something better is already yours!

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Tara to have a special place to call home. Some of your experience with your ex-boyfriend reminded me of my last 3 years of my marriage. So glad you got through it and lately feel uplifted.
    I am content in my simple one bedroom apt. It was funny when we first moved after we “lost” our home, my youngest was at college. She had not helped me move, my son had. She laughed at our rod iron twin beds and said it was like being away at college; only summer time. We survived and a few years later, she had her own place. My 2 oldest have families and homes. 🙂

    1. Ah yes, life moves on and soon we are thinking of other things. And me, I’m often worrying about the next thing as soon as the first thing is settled. If only I could keep this clear perspective that you have shared: our homes change, our kids grow up, and everything is just fine.

  3. I thought about you first thing this morning at 4 a.m. Said a little prayer on your behalf then got ready for Astoria. Said another as we passed your town and another on my way back. I was hoping I would open my email tonight and find a note saying you won! I’m trying to understand where you are from the photo. I’m a bit tired and dense today so maybe it’s right in front of my face. I’m glad you are happy. You have one load off your shoulders, next… Hugs, M

  4. Definitely sending good thoughts your way … I look forward to the day when I open up a post from you and read the good news.
    So glad you and Tara did something to make yourselves happy this week!

    1. That WILL happen. In fact, it must happen. I may as well begin my draft blog post now, in anticipation, ha ha! I have decided this one will work out for us – just a matter of when.

      Yes, a week on vacation worked out just right for us.

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