Friends of the Heart

I am sharing a post from a dear blogging friend that touched me deeply. Pauline has captured some of the most powerful wisdom of life in one honest, heartfelt outpouring of joy, gratitude, and thoughtfulness.

The Contented Crafter

If you read this soon after publication, I am on my journey somewhere between the far South of New Zealand and the East Coast of the USA to spend ten days with four other WordPress Bloggers.  During this time there will be opportunities to meet up with other bloggers who will travel shorter distances to spend some time with us.

It’s very exciting, more than a little amazing and somewhat magical!

Before I go I just wanted to say thank you and to share a few thoughts – which for some reason, I feel are important to say at this time.

Thank you to all of you who have left messages and shared in the fun and enormity of this short, unexpected and totally spectacular adventure I am about to undertake.  None of us have said much about it – but this is a trip that has been gifted to…

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5 thoughts on “Friends of the Heart

  1. I read Pauline’s original post prior to her trip here. I adore her. See what I mean by you can read someones heart through their writing? I so wanted to meet with her in Washington along with Alys, Kelly, and Laurie. All terrific, strong women. I’d add you to the list but we’ve already met. 🙂

    1. “Terrific, strong, women.” Now that is a title to strive for. I’m thrilled you’re so close and we have met. I really look forward to Gustav’s and I know – as another woman with a full life – you will forgive my delay in finding the time.

      1. Oh, do I understand. I have no job, no YOUNG children at home, and still have every day so full I forget to find time to breathe. Life is grand that way. Soon though. 🙂

  2. Crystal, thank you so much for re blogging Pauline’s heartwarming post. It allowed me the opportunity to go back to reread it and to read the lovely comments that have been posted along the way.

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