photography lesson

A spider in late day sunshine
A spider in late day sunshine

Guess what? I took my first photography lesson, ever!

It was a Living Social coupon that I bought for myself. What’s the sense in having an awesome camera if no one has ever taught me how to use it properly?

Yesterday I played with using the manual setting for the first time. I also switched it to RAW, so that I store the entire mondo image, rather than a reduced file size. That should help a bunch. I’m still reducing file sizes to post online, but if only you could see the images on my laptop screen. It’s luxurious. I feel like I’m diving in liquid colour. Wow.

Hopefully I’ll take the trouble to keep playing with the settings and figuring out how to make my photos even better.

Autumn colours! Irresistible.
Autumn colours! Irresistible.

2 thoughts on “photography lesson

  1. I am so ready to “move up”in camera! and I just downloaded an ebook that another photographer recommended. I want to be better!!!
    I love that second photo. Gorgeous!

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