A perfect definition


Punchline: The article above is well-written and a total serendipitous surprise of a perfect definition for the title of my blog.

Backstory: I found the article doing a websearch for my blog, Conscious Engagement. Though I came up with that title on my own several years ago, I never actually searched to see if someone else was already using it. So today, I saw a long list of conscious engagement links. Many of them for “eco-conscious engagement rings,” which of course is completely unrelated.

Backstory: I had to do the search because I am using my iPad to surf the web and not my laptop. My laptop is DEAD. Grrr. Yes, those of you who read this now and then will recall that it wasn’t too long ago when my previous laptop died. ….aaaannnddd, the answer to your next question is seven weeks. Yes! It was only seven weeks ago when I finally had to get a new laptop because the last one died. While my laptop had the blog saved in favourites, the iPad does not, thus my web search for my own blog.

Backstory: Now you know why I have not posted for a few weeks, even though I am in amazing Japan doing amazing things! I cannot blog when I do not have a laptop. BECAUSE all my photos are on the laptop. I’ve got a gazillion (yes, that is a number), a gazillion photos on my computer and they are all completely inaccessible until the dumb thing gets fixed. I must have photos to blog because, well, that’s just how I do it. I like lots of photos damnit.

Aside: And I’d like to actually re-post the Aggie blog post, but for some reason, their website doesn’t recognise my Word Press login, so I can’t log in and re-post it. Sigh. So please, just click the link and read it. It’s an awesome post. And it actually captures pretty well what I would want to say to you if you asked me, “Hey, what do you mean by conscious engagement?”

One thought on “A perfect definition

  1. Machines, you can never depend on them. I was wondering if my feeds were not working since I got no new articles from you.

    I hope you are enjoying Japan, Crystal and do know that your joy, happiness and delights comes first. Blogging is temporary, your being is forever 🙂 We, your blog readers, can wait.

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