Honolulu Aquarium and nibbling fish

colorful fish and a giant clam in the Waikiki aquarium

The Hawaiian state fish is the humuhumunukunukuapua’a.

We decided to enjoy a day with more leisure; so today we scheduled a visit to the aquarium and nothing more. It was another very warm day, and we looked forward to the air-conditioned indoors at the Waikiki Aquarium. It was Tara’s first visit to an actual aquarium, aside from the wonderful (albeit small) Ocean World in Crescent City, CA. One aquarium is much like another, so I’ll let the photos illuminate your imagination. Each aquarium has its unique delights, and here I particularly loved the many tanks of jellyfish.

View of Diamond Head across the park as we left the aquarium

After returning to the condo, the sticky heat was making me cranky, and there was no enough air moving through to ease my humidified psyche. I decided to go for a walk. V told me how to get to a street that follows a nearby creek, so I took off for a walk. The heat was relentless, but the walking felt so good, and I happily made my way through unfamiliar Honolulu streets in search of creek shade.

cool water and inviting shade

I found the place with very little problem, and found also, to my delight, that there was a park on one side of the water with a little bit of sketchy access (read: a slippery steep trail with a metal ladder down to the water). As I had done in Oak Creek Arizona only 6 weeks before, I climbed right down the bank and sat in the creek! I found a rock on which to perch, a rested my bare feet in the water. In no time I had tiny fish nibbling my toes. Now that is a feeling I have loved since the olden, olden days when I first experienced it at the swimming hole at Canton Creek in Oregon when I was only about 7 years old. Who can resist giggling at the tickling, persistent pecks at one’s feet by baby fish?

tickly nibblers

Feeling refreshed and my mood restored, I continued up the road to see where it went. I climbed steeply up the sharp slopes of Makiki Heights Drive, gazing covetously at the incredible homes perched on the cliffs. I continued up switchbacks, periodically passed by bicyclists and runners who must get an incredible workout with a playground like this! Up past the Makiki Valley State Recreation area, and past the Contemporary Museum perched high above the city. I stopped in to peek into the grounds, and a man at the desk recommended I return to lunch at their restaurant some time. That would have been a splendid idea had I more time to plan. I finally turned around at Tantalus Drive and moved down the mountain again. I enjoyed the many perspectives of Honolulu from above, and marveled at the clever driveways and architecture that clung to the sides of the mountain.

At the creek again, I stopped once more to splash with the fish, and then made my way back to the house for a relaxing dinner and to catch up on my Internet world.

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