Catapulting into June

...what they do when they're not at the airport

(Thank you, Google calendar, for helping me keep my life organized during the last two weeks.)

We went into town to try to see the Starlight Parade as part of Portland’s Rose Festival. It didn’t end up being a satisfactory evening because it was crowded, so we couldn’t see, and because it was hot. Really? Yes, Portland gave us one hot summer night during a nighttime parade. That was actually a wonderful thing. However, heat does tend to make people cranky. I could barely see the parade and was shoulder to shoulder with steaming humanity and their screaming, cranky children, making screaming, cranky parents. The parade was so-so (what I could see of it). The high point for me was being able to see Darcelle XV – a local celebrity in the continuing legend of the Portland Darcelles.

One of Portland's many delicious traditions

We wrapped up ballet classes with a big performance the beginning of June. First, of course, there were the extended full cast rehearsals at the studio. Then there were the tech rehearsal and the dress rehearsal at the auditorium. Then there were the actual performances (plural). Mom/Gramy came into town for five days to see both ballet and graduation. Miss T’s dad came into town for the ballet performance. He could only take time off from work to attend one event, and he asked his girl which one. Ballet was the one!

Coast Guard ship docked downtown

The performance went well; a rather entertaining community dance event from Laurelhurst’s ballet program. Mom and I attended the first actual performance, and skipped the second. Tara’s dad made the second performance. All agreed the beginner dancers had one of the best pieces of the night, for entertainment value. In a follow up phone call a few days later from Jo Jo, her instructor, it was confirmed that Tara will be promoted into the next level if she returns to Laurelhurst after the summer with her dad. Tara really has her hopes on gaining an audition with OBT again. It would be so fabulous for all of us if T could get into the studio and I’ll do what I can to help her. For the first time I wish I was rich enough to give my kid privileged attention: I wish I could hire a private tutor just to get her up to speed so that she could get accepted into the school!

Food carts are HUGE in Portland. Here's Mom at my fave collection of mobile eats on SW Belmont
...and me at the food carts

Mom needed a place to stay, and Tara’s dad needed a place to stay. And me, well, I’m a nice chick. So our tiny little rental place was full for awhile. Not just full, but full of high-tension visitors. My mother and my ex-husband. Wow. Both remarkable. The last time Mom was here, her heart palpitations got so bad she left early to go back home in the midst of high, high stress on both our parts. And …there was no last time the ex crashed on my couch. This is unprecedented. After 13 years, we have finally reached a point of maturity sufficient to allow me to share my home with my daughter’s father. I used to hate that guy with a passion. Nice to know one can eventually rid herself of such an ugly emotion.

My girl on a sailboat in the Willamette. She was obviously enjoying it!

Spent Saturday shopping with Mom. I typically can’t stand shopping – particularly for clothes. I mean, seriously, CAN’T STAND it. But…I met a guy! Yes! Yay for me! We had only met on the Internet and we were planning to meet in person. And I haven’t purchased new clothes in about 10 years, so it was time to make myself look presentable. The people at work might appreciate seeing me in something other than jeans, too. I have been selected to do some training for VA this summer, and needed a wardrobe in which to stand in front of a classroom. Ok, ok, it was mostly for the guy.

Hawthorne from the water. It's my fave Portland bridge.
Capn. Shane and his guests

Then graduation on Tuesday night (my last blog post). For a celebration of the beginning of summer, Tara and I took an hour and a half sailboat cruise on the Willamette with Scovare Expeditions, Inc., and Captain Shane St. Clair. It rained part of the time, but stayed relatively warm, and the tour was a delight. Capt. Shane took us from our launch at the Sellwood Bridge, north to downtown Portland, and back again. He was able to give us some great background information about the river, the islands, the houseboat communities and particular structures we passed. He told bad jokes, kept us on our toes, laughed off the rain, and generally kept us entertained the entire trip. It was over entirely too soon. I had a blast snapping photos, and if you’re interested, you should check them out on my flickr page. I highly recommend the company, the captain, the 90-minute cruise!

Celebrated a friend’s birthday with a barbecue. Next day met the Internet guy, who lives an hour away and came into town for the occasion. It went well, so met him again. And that went so well we had a third date! That’s gonna have to hold us for awhile: both too busy now. It was Faerieworlds time again on Saturday! Miss T and I have gone every year since 2007. Faerieworlds gets its own post because it is a whole story in itself, so you’ll have to check in later for that.

Condos on the water. How freaking cool and surreal is this? Like a set from a sci fi movie!

Sunday, Tara left for California with her dad, and I made my way back home to attempt to recuperate for a few hours because TOMORROW I am jetting off to Seattle to see my friend, V, visiting from Honolulu. We met years and years ago, when I was still working for the National Weather Service. V is still a forecaster, and is on the mainland for a gamer’s convention (love my friends!). He extended his trip a little so I get a chance to drive up there and see him, and check out the city with a friend. I haven’t explored Seattle for such a long time.

Monday, a week from now, I’m flying out to Virginia to get some teacher training. I’ve volunteered to train newly hired VA employees to do what I do. This summer I will be sent to be an instructor for four weeks. Sometime. Somewhere. My employer has not yet decided, but when I do get my instructions, it will be an adventure! I will make certain of that.

I should get back from Virginia just in time to drive to my Pa’s house on the Snake River in southern Idaho for some desperately-needed R&R over the 4th of July holiday. If the wind cooperates, we may get the chance to launch some questionably-legal rockets and explosives over the river. While there, I plan to do some hardcore exploring for more petroglyphs, since my last post on the petroglyphs at his place has become one of my most popular blog posts since I’ve been keeping a blog! You guys apparently want to read about petroglyphs.

From the looks of things, my summer is already booked. Solid.

Mr. President and Natasha

Oh, p.s. how freaking cool is the President? OMG, this is the BEST.

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