Say goodbye to the Hi

my view through the windows at work

Two things are taking the “HI” away from me: a changing schedule and Earth’s revolving around the sun.

In my cubicle sea at work (see photo at this post), my seat faces large windows looking out on the fabulous view of the tall buildings on the other side of the street. Of interest is a small triangle patio off the city jail across from us. For a few weeks after moving into the new building on 1st & Main last fall, we entertained hopes of watching inmates come out to play basketball and decide whether to jump from the third story patio or not… but no such luck. We’ve never seen a soul out there.

The huge picture windows would be completely wasted on the view of adjacent building, except that I sit close enough to the edge that I am able to look up the narrow canyon created by SW Main Street. Two blocks west is a park, which expands my view a little bit, so that I can see the edge of the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower. Across the top at what might be the 17th floor – as hotels in high buildings are wont to do – the name H I L T O N is spelled out in humongous red letters taller than me.

Only, there are buildings in the way, and I can’t see the whole word. Only the first two letters, H and I.

There are a series of de-humanizing things about working where I do. I’ll bet you can relate. But each day when I show up in the dark of morning and wait till 6:00 am before the office computer system will allow me to log in, I stare out the window and the city says back to me, “Hi!” In all the blackness outside, huge red letters greet me. I know it’s completely silly, but it makes me feel better.

The season is changing and it’s growing lighter out there. I don’t notice the Hi sign in the daylight. I’ve also decided to shift my schedule an hour later so I can work out in the mornings again. An hour later will add that much more daylight outside the windows.

I haven’t been on a regular workout schedule for a whole year and it feels terrible. I think I’ve aged five years just for getting lazy!  So, I talked to my kid and she’s cool with me getting home an hour later. In fact, she regularly laments the fact that I have to be around at all. Remember those days when having the house with no parents around was as good as vacation time?! So as soon as I get approval from my coach to change my schedule, I’ll start whipping this pudding body back into shape. Then I’ll have to find my morning greeting from somewhere else.

This was a promo video created before the construction of 1st & Main was complete. It’s pretty neat, and surprisingly accurate for animation.

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