Fall on Sauvie Island

Pumpkin field!

Friday my mother, my daughter and I went to Sauvie Island to check out the Fall Harvest festivities. I had not been there before, but Miss T has seen it twice. She has visited with school field trips and also with the Mt. Scott Community Center.

Sauvie Island is right outside of Portland, along Highway 30 toward St. Helens, Oregon. It is a lovely, rural area of fields and country roads. There are also plenty of pick-your-own crops out there, so we should make more trips to the island, I’ve decided.

The main attraction this time of year is your typical fall festival type of place. They offered hay rides, cow cart rides, fresh vegetable market, gift shop, and fair food like sausages and kraut, and elephant ears. Of course they catered to the season by adding caramel apples, barbecued corn on the cob, and apple cider.

The Haunted Maize opened after dark

I was particularly interested in the corn maze. It would be my first corn maze, and it’s the only attraction I was really eager to experience. Behind it was the Haunted Maize, a corn maze/haunted house event that didn’t open till dark. We didn’t go into that one. The main corn maze was enough.

The maze was separated into two parts. The first part was somewhat short in length and we became lost without a moment’s hesitation! After exiting the first part, we took a food break and then barreled into the second section. This was easier (I think we were getting the hang of it), but required a lot more walking.

Finally we were free! We soaked up the last of the booths, and the happy people carrying humongous pumpkins on their shoulders. We wandered through a small wildflower garden, and then made the easy trip back home.

View from the Sauvie Island bridge
Geese on their way out of town

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