Another short post

Get Help

Can you believe it? Two in a row now. I seem always struck with a bad case of logorrhea, but it’s just another speck from my life today.

I found this online today. Christopher TruLove is, of course, my brilliant brother. I don’t know what this cartoon means, but it’s a delight to discover little bits of my family scattered through the electronic world I live partially in. (I know, it’s supposed to be ‘in which i live’ but that sounds tedious today)

And, I think it’s funny.

4 thoughts on “Another short post

  1. Oh… hahah… the ill fated first comic heralding the return of the Get Help guys… in COLOR… and completely redesigned to cover the change in my style over the years… (with enormous hands and feet)…


    Speaking of electronic bits… I found a bunch of cool crap about Great Grandfather (and Colonel) Waterbury the other day… he trained the Buffalo Soldiers in WWII… and “invented” the confidence course… crazy…

  2. I also love the WP automatically looks up my address and gives me my proper pimp head.

  3. Actually, I think the pimp head is the best thing about this whole post.

    Very very awesome about ‘The Colonel,’ as Grandpa Waterbury always called him. Invented the confidence course? If that is true, I am freaking impressed. It’s a solid piece of military tradition these days. I wish I had know to curse my own ancestors when I slipped off the bars and landed in a water-moccasin-infested creek at the course in San Antonio.

  4. Other people did it… I believe the Swiss had some similar practices… but I read an article from… the thirties I believe… where they referred to the “Waterbury system”… I thought that was kinda cool.
    The Colonel didn’t boast, from what I understand, so I think it got downplayed as just a natural military physical training evolution.

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